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Apple to Raise Prices Starting Tomorrow, Affecting Some Mobile and Cross-Platform Games and Cash Shops

Tomorrow, Apple will begin raising the prices of apps and in-app purchases across several regions and countries, and this will affect some cross-platform and mobile games' cash shops going forward.

Epic CEO Says Apple Has Blacklisted Fortnite for Years to Come

Despite a recent judge's ruling, Epic Games' request to reinstate Fortnite to the Apple App Store was denied, and Apple may keep it gone for years.

Epic Appeals Judge's Decision in Apple Lawsuit as Not Going Far Enough

Epic Games is appealing last week's ruling in its case against Apple, saying the decision that makes Apple have to allow third-party payment options for apps doesn't go far enough.

Epic vs. Apple Case: Judge Rules Apple Must Allow Third Party Payment Options

The Epic vs. Apple case now has a ruling (pending any possible appeal) and Apple must open up its model to allow for third-party in-app purchases.

PlayStation Is Epic's Largest Fortnite Earner With iOS Among Smallest Revenue Sources As Trial's Opening Arguments Begin

The Apple-Epic Games lawsuit is still ongoing, and new court documents show where Epic makes its money for Fortnite. Surprisingly the lead platform isn't PC, but rather the PlayStation 4, according to a new deposition. For Apple, the most important thing to note is how small the cut is on iOS, as documents show it's one of the smallest earners for Epic.

Apple Going After Epic for Damages

The saga between Epic and Apple continues as Apple is now going after Epic for damages.

Epic Games and Apple Feud Heats Up, Apple to Terminate Dev Accounts and Dev tools for iOS and Mac

In a tweet by the official Epic Games account on twitter, Apple has threatened, and plans to terminate all of Epic Games developer accounts in addition to cutting Epic Games off from iOS and Mac development tools. This feud originally started with Apple removing Fortnite from the Apple app store.

[UPDATE] Epic Invokes '1984' As Apple Blocks Fortnite, Google Blocks Too

Yup, it happened. Epic Games have invoked "1984" - yes, that "1984" - in response to Apple blocking Fortnite from the App Store.