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Sky: Children of the Light Announces In-Person and In-Game SkyFest Event to Mark Fifth Anniversary

Sky: Children of the Light will finally land on PC next Wednesday, April 10th. The Sky team is also announcing plans to mark the game's fifth anniversary, with their first in-person and in-game event, SkyFest.

RuneScape Adds New Hats and Buffs for the 23rd Anniversary, and Improves Vorkath Loot

RuneScape's 23rd anniversary was technically last week, but the team is opening up a new celebration with this week's update. Of course, there are hats (and buffs).

Embers Adrift One Year Anniversary Celebrations Kick Off Today With Three Weeks Of Free Play

Indie MMORPG Embers Adrift is celebrating one year today, kicking off its anniversary celebrations with streams, as well as free access for all players for the next few weeks.

Neverwinter Super-Sizes the Protector's  Jubilee Event for the Milestone 10th Anniversary

A super-sized Protector's Jubilee with new and returning rewards begins today in Neverwinter to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary.

The Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates 16th Anniversary, Adds New Customization Options and More in 35.1

The Lord of the Rings Online is marking its 16th anniversary. Update 35.1 goes live today and brings the anniversary event, along with new character customization options and visual updates in addition to fixes and other adjustments.

EverQuest Celebrates 24th Anniversary With New Events, and Gifts for All

EverQuest is celebrating its 24th anniversary. This milestone for the notable classic MMORPG comes complete with an anniversary event, with gifts for all and some new content.

Sea of Thieves' Fifth Anniversary Celebration Brings Challenges, Free Items, and a Documentary in March

It's anniversary time in Sea of Thieves. The fifth anniversary event will offer loot, challenges, activities, and celebrations throughout March.

EverQuest II Opens the Chronoportal Festival With New Quests and Items

It's Chronoportal Festival time again in EverQuest II. Celebrating the 24th anniversary of the original EverQuest, the event returns with new quests, new items, and new adventures to relive.

Lost Ark Adding New PvP Continent Rowen, and Anniversary Events on February 8th

February will be a time to celebrate in Lost Ark. The February Anniversary Celebration update will add anniversary events, the new PvP content Rowen, and much more.

Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary With 2022 Stats, Free Premium and Events

 Broken Ranks is marking its first anniversary today, with some new statistics about the first year in service, some new events, a free week of premium, and events.

DC Universe Online Celebrates Its 12th Year With Its Anti-Monitor Event

DC Universe is celebrating its twelfth year with the return of its Anti-Monitor anniversary event, complete with new rewards and more to earn during the anniversary celebration.

Next Week, Blade & Soul Begins a 7th Anniversary Event and New Year's Fun

Blade & Soul is celebrating it's 7th anniversary soon, combining it with a New Year's celebration. The events begin on January 11th, and NCSoft has revealed details about what to expect.

Ragnarok Origin Marks First Anniversary With New Map, Events, and Two New Classes

One year anniversary celebrations are underway for Ragnarok Origin, with events, contests, and a preview of new maps and two new classes, Sage and Scholar.

PlanetSide 2 10th Anniversary Update Adds New CTF-Based Mechanic, Double XP, and Added Polish

PlanetSide 2  first launched on PC on November 20, 2012, and Rogue Planet Games has kicked off a 10th anniversary update to celebrate. There's a new CTF-inspired mechnic, Capture the Conduit, double XP, swag, and improvements.

NFT MMORPG MIR4 Celebrates First Anniversary - Plans to Open New Servers and Merge Others August 23rd

MIR4 is an MMORPG that has surprised many over the past year. Not only has the game manages to bypass the Steam ban of NFT games, but it has thrived as one of the most played games on the platform. Now, as the team at Wemade gears up for their anniversary celebration, they are rolling out some major server changes along the way.