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Albion Online Reflects on the Past Year of Changes and Growth in Anniversary Update

Albion Online's seventh anniversary event is happening, and the team reflected on the past year in a special anniversary update.

Sky: Children of the Light Celebrates Anniversary in Two Cities and In-Game, With Major Announcements

This weekend, Sky: Children of the Light held its fifth anniversary event in two cities and via a new in-game experience. The team announced daily quest revamps, A Moomin collaboration, art book, and more.

Sky: Children of the Light Celebrates 5th Anniversary With New Feature and Events In-Game and in Japan

As Sky: Children of the Light celebrates its fifth birthday, there will be in-person events and a celebration in-game for all players to attend, as well as a new feature to enjoy thanks to the latest update. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Marks 12 Years of PSO2 in an Event-Filled Update, New Quests, and New Mode

Next week, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis celebrates 12 years of PSO2 with new events. In July, expect a new limited time quest, 100 million EXP for new/returning players, and a new card-battler game.

World of Tanks Blitz Marks 10 Years, $1 Billion in Revenue, With a Summer Filled With Events and Free Gifts

World of Tanks Blitz is marking  it's 10th anniversary with gifts and a summer of celebration for all, with event missions, new tanks, free containers, and much more to enjoy.

Pearl Abyss Opens 10 Years of Black Desert Minisite, New Events, and Adds the Latest Player Experience Improvement

Pearl Abyss is celebrating 10 years of Black Desert with a brand new music video, and opening up a mini site dedicated to the 10-year anniversary. 

Final Fantasy XI Marks 22nd Vana'versary, With a New Battlefield, a Global Challenge, and Event Campaigns

Final Fantasy XI is marking its 22nd Vana'versary, celebrating its original Japanese launch. There's a login campaign with goodies, a welcome back campaign, and a new battlefield.

EVE Online Celebrates Its 21st Birthday As Capsuleer Day XXI Celebrations Rage On

EVE Online celebrates its 21st birthday this year, as its Capsuleer Day XXI celebrations continue to rage on throughout New Eden.

MapleStory Celebrates 19th Anniversary With New Playable Class, and an Event Full of Minigames and Rewards

MapleStory is celebrating its 19th anniversary with a special event, a new playable class, and new rewards to earn.

Celebrate Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis' 3rd Anniversary with Halpha's Super Origin Festival

 Sega's latest NGS Headline for Phantasy Star Online New Genesis revealed plans to celebrate the game's 3rd anniversary with an event titled Halpha's Super Origin Festival.

Blizzard Counts Down to The War Within 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition Reveal Next Week

Blizzard will put The War Within 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition on sale on April 17th, with a countdown clock ticking down to that date. The speculation has already begun on what it might look like.

The Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Event Gets New Bonuses, Amsterdam Panel and Stream Details Revealed

The Elder Scrolls Online team is prepping for its first big 10th anniversary event in Amsterdam on April 5th. Since not everyone will be able to get to Europe for the event, ZeniMax has announced details on the panels and what will be livestreamed, along with new Twitch Drops.

Elder Scrolls Franchise Celebrates 30 Years of Going Strong, Teases Elder Scrolls VI Progress

Bethesda is enjoying a major milestone for the studio, as their flagship series, The Elder Scrolls, turns thirty. While the team looked back on the franchise through the years, it also teased more about its future as part of today's celebration. 

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Celebrates Anniversary With PvPvE Versus Mode Alpha Access For All

Fatshark has opened up Warhammer: Vermintide 2's sixth anniversary event, with the return of "A Quiet Drink" and opening up the game's Versus mode alpha to all owners.

Black Desert Franchise Anniversary Celebrations are Here, Scholar Arrives on Console and Mobile Next Week

It's celebration time across the Black Desert franchise, as Pearl Abyss announces events, new milestones, and the Scholar class coming to console and mobile next week.