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Star Wars: The Old Republic Marks 11th Anniversary Opens 64-Bit Version on PTS

Star Wars: The Old Republic is marking its 11th anniversary,  with a double XP event and additional sales. BioWare has also opened the 64-bit version of the game to the PTS as part of forward-looking modernization plans.

Interview: Talking 10 Years Of PlanetSide 2 with Rogue Planet Games

PlanetSide 2 has just celebrated its 10th birthday, a seeming eternity in MMOs. Bradford chats with the devs about what it has been like developing the MMO for the past decade, as well as some of their favorite moments that have helped define PlanetSide 2.

Blizzard Tempts Inactive Players Back to World of Warcraft With a Free Weekend

Inactive World of Warcraft accounts are eligible to play through the full game, including all expansions, today through Sunday, ahead of Dragonflight's launch.

World of Warcraft Turns 18, and It's Time for Gifts, Classic Challenges, and Nostalgia

World of Warcraft is marking its 18th anniversary with some special gifts. It's also time once again for the Darkmoon Faire.

Ultima Online Marked Its 25th Anniversary Over the Weekend With Events and A Special Shield

Saturday, September 24th, was the 25th anniversary of the release of Ultima Online. There were community events, official events, and commemoration across the internet, including from Raph Koster.

Final Fantasy 14's Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off With Tales From The Dawn Stories

Final Fantasy XIV is celebrating nine years, and to kick off things Square Enix is releasing a short story series all about the people who inhabit the MMO world. Tales from the Dawn starts its story off with a familiar character: The Watcher.

How Do You And Your MMO Guild Celebrate Your Guild Anniversary?

Anniversaries are important in MMOs, whether they be the game itself celebrating one or players doing so. Bradford's Kinship in The Lord of the Rings Online turns 15 this year, and it got him thinking on Anniversaries past. How do you and your group celebrate?

Valheim's Ice Caves Give Vikings More To Explore In Latest Update

Valheim's latest update brings frost caves to the survival game, giving those enjoying the Viking afterlife more to explore in the Mountains regions of the map.

Dark Age of Camelot Turns 20! Why Do People Still Play It?

It's the fall of 2001. Mythic Entertainment launches their first MMORPG with no prior experience - Dark Age of Camelot. Twenty years later it's still a popular MMO among players yearning for those older MMOs. Niklas takes us through why people are still playing this fan-favorite MMO.

SoulWorker Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary With New In-Game Events

SoulWorker was released globally last year on Steam, and the team at Lion Games is celebrating the milestone with myriad events, including both in-game and social media events.

We've Played Over 218,000 Years of Guild Wars 2 Since Its Launch 9 Years Ago

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the folks over at ArenaNet put out an infographic highlighting some fun and truly insane stats.

EVE Echoes Turns One, Anniversary Live Stream Set for July 31 with Giveaways, New Content Reveal

EVE Online's mobile counterpart, EVE Echoes, is turning one year old! To celebrate the occasion, NetEase and CCP are announcing a live stream for July 31 for the anniversary, including giveaways and more.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Celebrates 9th Anniversary with Campaigns and Rewards

Phantasy Star Online 2 is celebrating its 9th birthday with campaigns and tons of rewards. Don't worry, you'll have through August 4 to jump in and take part in the festivities.

World War II Online Celebrates 20 Years With Update Announcements, Including Shift To UE4

World War II Online is gearing up for its next twenty years as the developers celebrate its 20th anniversary. In doing so, the team talked about what is upcoming for WWII Online players, including potential technology changes coming to the MMO.

Valorant Hits 14 Million Players, Heading to Mobile

Valorant recently celebrated its first birthday. As part of that celebration, Riot shared some stats from their tactical hero shooter. Valorant now boasts 14 million active players, and it's coming to mobile.