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Warframe Planning Patch to Address Angels of the Zariman Issues and Opens the Prime Vault Again

A patch is coming for Warframe that will address some feedback about the recently-released Angels of the Zariman update. The Prime Vault also opens, giving an opportunity to grab Zephyr and Chroma Prime.

Discover the Origin of the Tenno in Warframe's Angels of the Zariman, Out Today

Angels of the Zariman, Warframe's newest update out today, follows The New War expansion with new quests, new modes, customizable apartments, a new social hub, and the 49th Warframe, Gyre.

 Warframe Angels of the Zariman Launching April 27th, Digital Extremes Details New Features

The story of Warframe will continue with Angels of the Zariman, the next update out April 27th. There's a new Warframe, new enemies, a new social hub, customizable apartments, and more.

Warframe's Next Major Update, Angels of the Zariman, Adds a Social Hub, Player Housing, New Modes and More

Angels of the Zariman, Warframe's next major update, is out in April with new modes, a social hub and customizable housing, evolved weapons, and much more.