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Star Stable Launches on Android, With 50k Downloads in First Hour, and Opens Halloween

 Star Stable Online is now available on Android, completing the planned cross-platform releases. The game is also in the Halloween spirit.

War Thunder Mobile Open Beta is Now Available on Android, With iOS To Come

Gaijin Entertainment has launched an open beta for War Thunder Mobile on Android devices, with iOS release planned in the future.

Marvel World of Heroes is an AR Game by Pokemon GO Powerhouse Niantic

Get your phones and feet ready, because you'll need them to save the world. In Marvel: World of Heroes you'll be granted super powers, and take off on a journey around your neighborhood, or perhaps the world, to foil fearsome felons alongside your favorite heroes like Captain America and Spider-Man.

Torchlight Infinite Preview - A Torchlight with a Bright Future

Torchlight Infinite has a lot going for it. After seemingly disregarding Torchlight III entirely by creating a direct sequel to the much beloved Torchlight II, developer XD intends to deliver on every point that made the franchise great to begin with. Check out this list of the good and the bad Torchlight Infinite has to offer from the mobile closed beta.

Dual Blade Class Comes To MapleStory M In Latest Update

Mobile MMO MapleStory M has released its latest class into the game, this time debuting the rogue thief Dual Blade. To go along with the class release, the MMO is hosting an event to help players along their way with leveling up, as well as earn rewards.

Genshin Impact's Largest Update Yet Brings New Region, Adventures And More

MiHoYo is launching what is the largest update for Genshin Impact yet, bringing with it a new region, NPCs and more to the RPG.

RuneScape Adds City of Senntisten, First Quest For Both Desktop And Mobile Platforms

RuneScape launched the next instalment of its Elder Gods Story arc today, the City of Senntisten. This marks the first time since RuneScape launched on mobile that the developer has released a major quest for both player bases.

Pokémon UNITE Is An Upcoming MOBA For Switch And Mobile

If you thought the MOBA genre wouldn't get any more cluttered, think again, as the Pokémon Company is getting their feet wet by launching Pokémon UNITE this summer. The upcoming MOBA will see life on the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android devices this year.

Albion Online's Mobile Version Goes Live Worldwide On June 9th

Albion Online's mobile version is releasing worldwide on June 9th, coming to both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The date was revealed in a recent Dev Talk, which also shows a closer glimpse at the mobile version.

Japanese ARPG 'Punishing: Gray Raven' Launching on iOS and Android in the West This Summer

Punishing: Gray Haven, the Japanese cyberpunk action RPG, is coming to the west on iOS and Android later this summer. Although the game released in Japan and China last year, this will be the first time western markets will see a release.

Albion Online Launches on iOS and Android This Summer

If you've been waiting and wondering about the formal mobile launch of Albion Online, wonder no longer. Albion Online is set to officially launch on iOS and Android this summer. Pre-registration is open now.

Upcoming Mobile MMO, Moonlight Sculptor, Is Taking Pre-Registrations

Moonlight Sculptor, the mobile MMO from XL Games and Kakao Games, is opening its global pre-registration on iOS and Android today, opening the MMORPG up to a global audience after its initial launch.

Warhammer: Odyssey Full Impressions - How Does It Hold Up A Month Later

Kevin checked out the recent mobile MMO to launch this past month, Warhammer Odyssey. Billed as a true MMORPG on mobile, Kevin put this to the test to find out if it truly was more MMO than typical mobile fare.

League of Legends: Wild Rift NA Open Beta Launches March 29 on iOS and Android

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the League of Legends mobile game announced last year, is set to launch its open beta on March 29.

Warhammer Odyssey Soft Launches On Android, iOS Platforms

Warhammer's mobile MMO, Warhammer Odyssey, is now available globally for both Android and iOS users.