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New World Closed Beta Hit Over 200K Concurrent Players Over The Weekend

New World has been trucking along since its closed beta hit Steam back on July 20th. Within a week the MMO has already seen over 200K players jump in at the same time, breaking that threshold on Sunday. This bodes pretty well for Amazon's MMO, and signals that this could end up being the studios' first successful game.

New World Beta Impressions: Questing Needs A Bit Of Work

New World's closed beta has been in full swing since July 20th, and tens of thousands of players have landed in Aeternum waging war, skinning turkeys and more. One aspect of New World that has been frustrating though, more than others at least to Bradford, are the quests you can undertake in Amazon's MMO.

Lost Ark Releases a Teaser of New Abrelshud Raid - Hits Korean Servers July 28th

As we all wait patiently for information related to a North American release of Lost Ark, which is slated for sometime in the Fall of 2021, we can still get hyped by watching Smilegate's latest raid teaser trailer.

New World Interview: Talking Dungeons With Amazon's Mike Willette

We recently had the chance to chat with Amazon Game's Mike Willette, the head of world experience on New World, all about dungeons in the upcoming MMO.

As New World Hits Closed Beta, Steam Charts See Almost 200K Players Descend On Aeternum Immediately

To say people have been excited for New World has been an understatement as the MMO officially hit its long-awaited closed beta today. As a result, thousands upon thousands of players descended upon the MMO, with SteamDB showing nearly 200K people jumping into Aeternum as the floodgates opened this morning.

New World Preview: Outpost Rush And The Lazarus Instrumentality

This past week we had the chance to go hands on with New World's endgane activities: Outpost Rush and one of the late-game Expeditions, the Lazarus Instrumentality. How do these fare as New World transitions to Closed Beta this week? Read on for our thoughts!

New World Details Closed Beta In New Dev Blog, No NDA During The Test Next Week

New World's official launch might be August 31st, but the MMO is gearing up for its closed beta test starting on July 20th that many see as a "soft launch" of sorts. The team at Amazon Game Studios took to their blog to start detailing to testers what to expect on the 20th.

New World Shows Off Shattered Mountain In Its Final Touring Aeternum Video

New World is closing out its Touring Aeternum video series, this time showing the fiery and dark region of Shattered Mountain.

Amazon's New World Shows Off Armor Sets Via In-Game Fashion Show

If you had New World hosting a fashion show on your 2021 Games Industry Bingo Card, you can mark that bubble off right now. Amazon is ramping up its PR ahead of New World's launch in August, this time showing off some of the armor you can earn in game.

New World's Latest Alpha Update Addes New PvE Faction Missions, War Dec Updates

New World is hitting the homestretch, and while the vast public isn't able to play just yet, the team is still holding its NDA alpha ahead of launch. Today's notes give a glimpse into some of the last tweaks and additions the Amazon team is throwing into New World ahead of launch, including two new PvE Faction Mission types.

Interview: Talking Azoth And Magic In Amazon's New World

Over the last month, we've been slowly dipping a toe into Amazon's New World. But Magic, and how it works in Aeternum is something we've wondered more about. So we sat down with Amazon Game Studios to talk about how Magic fits into the world of New World.

Lost Ark Releases Astalgia Summer Update Trailer - Summer Roadmap Releases Detailed

During E3, some fantastic news released for fans waiting for Lost Ark in the North America and the EU. Amazon Game Studios will be bringing Smilegates ARPG MMO westward, this fall. In the meantime, those interested in playing Lost Ark might enjoy the new Astalgia Summer Update trailer, which shows off some of the changes headed to the game during the summer.

New World Tours Edengrove, Showcasing The Colorful Region In Latest Video In Series

The mostly unsettled region of Edengrove is next up in New World's Touring Ateternum video series, showcasing the vast tracts of land and colorful forests of the region.

New World Drops A Teaser Video For An Upcoming Series Titled 'Legends Of New World'

Amazon is dropping a new video series for its upcoming MMORPG, New World, this time giving a glimpse into the legends that make up the island of Aeternum, apty named "Legends of New World."

New World Releases New Expeditions Video Explaining How Dungeons Work In Aeternum

Released during the hub-bub of E3 2021, New World dropped a new video giving an "Expeditions 101" primer to those planning on plunging headlong into the world of Aeternum come July's beta test.

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