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Lost Ark x The Witcher Event Gets New Details, and Will Launch in January

More details on the Lost Ark collaboration with The Witcher have been revealed, and it will be out in January 2023. Expect quests, cosmetics, new customization scar options, and more.

New World Previews Spring-Summer 2023 Roadmap, Territory Balance Changes, Events and More

 The New World team has shared an updated roadmap, along with the latest dev update video.  The video and roadmap cover the return of the Winter Convergence Festival, territory changes  the make things fairer, and a peek at major planned updated through next summer.

New World Legacy Server Merges Begin Tonight, With Australian Merge Canceled After Feedback

New World's plans to merge a round of legacy servers will begin later tonight. Amazon has changed plans in response to community feedback, deciding to not merge Australian server Eridu into Delos.

Lost Ark Weekly Fixes a Number of Issues and the Team Addresses Disconnects

The weekly update for Lost Ark is all about fixes, with a number of issues taken care of, but the team reiterates more work is happening on the disconnect issue.

Lost Ark Auction House Changes Roll Out Globally After Test in NA/EU, While Some Blame Bots

Changes to address Auction House instability in Lost Ark were applied to North America East and Europe Central before being rolled out globally.

New World Begins Legacy Server Merges on December 1st

Several legacy servers will be merged this week, after New World's Fresh Start led to population shifts.

Lost Ark's Update Did Not Successfully Fix the Ongoing Disconnect Issues, But More Work is Coming

The Lost Ark team has shared an update on the ongoing disconnect issues. The latest patch that went live overnight took another try at fixing the issue, but there are still instances of it showing up. 

Lost Ark Patch Looks to Fix Disconnect Issues and Quest Glitches

Tomorrow's Lost Ark update continues work to address ongoing disconnect issues, along with fixing several quest glitches, and more Pheon cleanup.

Watch the New World Team Discuss Playstyles in a New Video Series, Finding Aeternum

The New World team has a new video series, Finding Aeternum, with the first episode seeing devs having a casual chat about playstyles.

Lost Ark Holds Two Downtimes to Address Pheon issue and Includes Extra Compensation

 Two downtime periods for Lost Ark have been addressing lingering issues stemming from recent updates, with additional compensation also coming.

Lost Ark Changes Plan to Address This Week's Pheon Distribution and Exploit in the Name of Fairness

After an unintended Pheon distribution and exploit, the Lost Ark team said they would not remove them from the game, but they've changed course with what they say is a fairer plan

Lost Ark Update Will Add the Reaper, Overhaul the Tripod, and Change the Economy to Fight Bots

New progression events and The Reaper will come to Lost Ark tomorrow, along with the skill tree effects overhaul, some economy tweaks to fight bots, a Legion Raid help, and much more.

New World Brings Back the Giant Turkey, and Will Merge Some Legacy Servers After Fresh Start Success

The latest New World update welcomes back the Turkulon, giant turkey, to Aeternum. The team will also merge some servers later this week to help population shifts after Fresh Start success.

Lost Ark Accidentally Sends Players Pheons With Notice, Requiring Extended Downtime Today

The Lost Ark team held an extended maintenance today to patch a potential exploit caused after a notice to players about skill effect changes came with an unintended Pheon gift.

On November 16th, Lost Ark is Overhauling Skill Tree Effects and Advising How to Prepare for the Change

The November 16th Lost Ark patch will a significant overhaul to the Skill Tree Transfer System, applying effects to characters instead of gear. The team is advising all how to prepare for the big changes and not lose anything.