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New World Team Delays Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition, Update Tonight Addresses Other Issues

The next New World update will fix many issues, but Amazon is delaying the new expedition, Barnacles and Black Powder, for fixes and testing.

Lost Ark Weekly Update Adds New Three-Day Waiting for Gold Earned Via Rapport and Powerpasses

This week's Lost Ark update expands upon some of the rules introduced around Powerpasses to include Rapport, with a three-day waiting period before players can take advantage of gold they earn.

Lost Ark August and September Roadmap Shakes Things Up a Bit, With Three Focused Updates Planned

The August-September roadmap for Lost Ark shakes things up a bit by focusing on a small content update and events in August, and two updates in September.

New World Delays Expedition Group Finder For Additional Work

The Expedition Group Finder will take a bit longer to get to Aeternum, as the New World team pushes it back for additional work and testing.

Lost Ark Disables Powerpasses and Gifting Until Further Notice

Both Powerpasses and Gifting have been temporarily disabled in Lost Ark due to "issues" with both features. Could it be due to exploits or ongoing fight against bots?

Tomorrow's Huge New World Summer Update Brings Summer Medleyfaire and So Many Major Changes

The next New World update is out tomorrow, and it makes some huge, top to bottom major changes as well as brings musical instruments and the Barnacles & Blackpowder Expedition.

Lost Ark Sets New Round of Fever Time, With Rewards to Help Honing and Battle

July's last two weekends get another Fever Time event in Lost Ark. Get ready to claim new items each Saturday and Sunday for Honing Support and more.

New World Getting Another Round of Server Merges, With Some Regions Left With One Server

Another round of server merges is coming to New World, which will see some regions left with one or two servers, but hopefully a population boost where needed otherwise.

Spells in Spades, Lost Ark's July Update, Brings The Arcanist, New Inferno Legion Raid, and Progression Events

Prepare for the Arcanist in Spells in Spades, Lost Ark's July update that also brings new summertime events, the Inferno Legion Raid, a series of progression events, and lots more.

Interview: Chatting Medleyfaire And New World's New Music System With Amazon Game Studios

The upcoming July update of New World brings with it one of the MMO's most interesting additions yet: musical instruments. We chatted with Amazon Game Studios about the faire and the addition of the instrument mechanic, as well as dove in ourselves on the PTR to perform some songs of our own.

Meet the Arcanist and Her Card Deck Stacks and Combos Combat, Coming July 20th to Lost Ark

The Arcanist and her card deck based stacks and combos combat style have been revealed and she's coming to Lost Ark on July 20th, along with two returning limited-time progression events.

New World Patch Will Address Ability Spam Exploit, Make Invisible Quest Givers Visible Again

New World is fixing an exploit and some invisible nuisances in its latest patch, happening overnight.

Lost Ark Fixes Bugs, Makes Dancing Queen Rekiel A Little Less Formidable

The latest Lost Ark update is coming tonight and it fixes some bugs and makes Dance Queen Rekiel a little easier to beat.

Lost Ark Peak Players Down More Than 80 Percent from All Time High - Is the Drop Due to Bot Bans?

Bots have been a nuisance in Lost Ark from pretty much the moment the servers were turned on, but Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate have been up front about their intention to ban those bots permanently.

UPDATED: Lost Ark Wrath of the Covetous Legion Gets Extended Downtime to Resolve 'Critical Issue'

The latest Lost Ark update, Wrath of the Covetous Legion, encountered some issues that has extended downtime. The team encountered what they are calling "a critical issue", but still estimate the servers will be up soon.