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5 Classes for the New and Returning Jump-Starter in Lost Ark

For the new player, choosing a class can be daunting, for many different reasons that can be specific to the player. Here's 5 classes to get you started quickly!

New World: Call of the Wilds Will Show Off Rise of the Angry Earth and Reward Skins Via Twitch Drops

Next week, New World will host a community streaming event, Call of the Wilds, to highlight several features n the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion and give new skins via Twitch Drops.

New World The Savage Divide Expedition to Feature all Beasts, the Team Talks Design Challenges

Expedition The Savage Divide, coming to New World in rise of the Angry Earth, gets new details on the lore, the challenge of designing an all-beasts encounter, and making the Elysian Wilds feel distinct.

New World Reveals Details on the Season Pass 3 Rewards for Season 3, Including Artifacts and Skins

Season 3 is fast approaching in New World. Amazon has released all of the details on reward tracks and what we can expect from both free and premium tiers.

Throne and Liberty Producer's Letter Part 2: Delving Deeper into the World Beyond Level 30

In the second installment of the Producer's Letter, Jongok Ahn, the producer of Throne and Liberty (TL), provided an in-depth look into the game's content post level 30.

New World Creative Director Talks Paths to Gear Score 700, Perks, Finding Artifacts, and More

Creative Director David Verfaillie answers questions on New World's expansion changes, where to find Artifacts, how to raise your gear score, perk overhauls, and more.

New World Has You Covered if You're Starting or Returning For Rise of the Angry Earth

With the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion launching October 3rd, New World has a new guide to let any new (or returning) players catch up on everything they need to know about Aeternum.

New World Expansion Community Q&A Dives into Gear, Crafting, PTR Feedback, and Future Teases

Rise of the Angry Earth is coming in just about two weeks, and the New World team is answering some more community questions ahead of the expansion's release.

New World Extends Siege of Sulfur, Looks for Help Testing Rise of the Angry Earth Open-World PvP

New World has a new update, with transmog fixes and some extensions to recent features. The new Rise of the Angry Earth PTR needs testers to help with open world PvP.

New World Opening Rise of the Angry Earth PTR Today, With Mounts, Story, New Zone, and More to Test

Today, New World opens up its PTR for the upcoming Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.  The promised shorter PTR focuses on a dozen new points coming in next month's huge new content release.

New World Details The Yearlong Development of Mounts, and How They Change Things in Aeternum

The New World team details all things mounts, coming in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion next month. The yearlong development process, PvP considerations, and how mounts will change your time in Aeternum.

New World's Promised Deep Dive into Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion is Here

The New World team's promised deep dive into the just-announced rise of the Angry Earth expansion has arrived, with tons of details on the expansion and huge changes coming to the game, meta, and more.

New World Announces Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion and Tons of Season 3 Details, Coming in October

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth, is coming on October 3rd. The new expansion was announced today, along with details on the new story, new features (mounts!) pricing, and more details for Season 3.

New World Update Adds New Public Event, Performance Improvements, Transmog Fixes, and More

New World's next update is on the way, with downtime set to begin around 11PM PT tonight. The update will usher in the Siege of Sulfur event, helpful changes, performance improvements, and a number of fixes.

New World August Community Q&A is Heavy on Expansion Questions

New World  got a new Forged in Aeternum episode, this time with the August community Q&A. Topics covered include the first expansion, feedback on the summer patches, fixing bugs, and more.