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New World Preview - Taking Amazon's MMO For A Spin Through Reekwater

Earlier this week, Amazon gave us an early look at content being added to the ongoing Alpha for New World. This high-end content includes a new zone, Reekwater, as well as spears and the introduction of a fishing mechanic. But Bradford was interested more in how the experience has changed since the previous test in August. Here are his thoughts on the update.

New World Headed Back to Alpha Testing, Update Notes Provided

The latest article on the New World site acknowledges that previous tests have fulfilled their purpose, and now points to the next alpha phase where plans to test new designs, implement changes and hopefully break the game in hopes to better fix it, will be ongoing.

New World Players Killed 8 Million Turkeys, And Other Stats From Amazon's Preview

Amazon has released some interesting stats about New World's preview, including the much needed information that players hunted turkey - to the tune of 8 million being killed over the preview period.

Amazon Game Studios is Hiring for a New Unannounced Game

John Smedley of Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak fame, and more recently, head of Amazon Game Studios in San Diego, tweeted the news that AGS has quite a few positions open for an unannounced game. The game does not have anything to do with the current MMO in production, New World, which is set to release next year.

New World - Amazon's Game Director Scot Lane Talks Combat and its Influences

In a recent interview on Gamesindustry.biz with New World game director Scot Lane, information has surfaced on how Twitch, action RPGs and survival titles influenced the design of combat in New World. In addition to outlining their influences, Lane is candid about Amazons focus to make New World the next big MMO in an industry that he feels has been largely stagnant.

Red's Read - First Look at Crafting in New World

New World development is moving along and Red Thomas checks out crafting in the latest "preview" event. Red gives his thoughts on what he likes and doesn't like about the crafting and offers a few tips that might help players maximize their time in the game.

New World - SteamDB Charts Nearly 50K Players in Preview

New World released a preview on the 25th of August, and it looks like it has been quite popular with Steam players. Yesterday, August 27th, the game peaked at over 48K players, with populations staying fairly steady since the preview went live.

New World's Preview Event Is Now Live

New World's much anticipated NDA-less preview is now live, according to an announcement made on their Twitter feed. The preview event, which runs from today through September 5th, will give Alpha and Pre-order players a chance to romp through Aeternum and share their experiences first hand, as the NDA has finally been lifted.

New World Preview - Waging War In Aeternum

Bradford had a chance to take on a War in Amazon Games' upcoming MMO New World ahead of the preview event starting later today. Check out his thoughts on combat and the performance in the build leading up to the peview event.

Lost Ark - Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG Reach Publishing Agreement, Lost Ark Speculated

On August 19th Amazon announced an exclusive publishing agreement with Smilegate RPG. No details were given about the specific title Smilegate would be developing for Amazon, but recent rumblings have speculated Lost Ark would be the title headed to North America.

New World Details Upcoming Preview Event Coming August 25th

New World is hosting its first non-NDA playtest next week, and the team at Amazon Game Studios has taken to its website to detail the preview event for waiting adventurers.

New World - Developers Thank Players Post Density Test, Point to August 25th Preview

The New World Density Test is now in the books as Amazon Game Studios has tweeted to all adventurers that their next chance to stain Aeternums soil is August 25th. AGS believes that they have been granted crucial information from this test that will enable New World to perform better in the future.

New World - Players Invited for Density Testing Starting July 30th, Preview Forthcoming

Amazon Game Studios is allowing players who have pre-ordered prior to July 26th or alpha tested, into a density test that begins July 30th. The test is aiming to stress the servers for an upcoming New World Preview.

Amazon's MMO New World Delayed, Again, Now Coming Spring 2021

In a post today via Twitter, New World Studio Director Rich Lawrence announced that the upcoming MMO from Amazon Game Studios will be delayed, again, until Spring 2021.

Amazon Provides Update On Crucible, Moving It Back To Closed Beta

In a weird turn of events, Amazon is taking the already released Crucible and moving it back to a closed beta according to new update.