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Twitch Confirms Another Round of Layoffs, With Over 500 People Affected, or 35% of Staff

Today, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy confirmed another painful round of layoffs. The cuts will eliminate over 500 positions, or about 35% of staff.

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth Review

When Bradford first reviewed New World back in 2021, the MMO almost immediately felt like it was at a crossroads. Over the course of reviewing its recently released Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, Amazon's MMO feels like it has found its footing. It's not perfect, but it's a great starting point for the future. Here's our review.

Hands-On Preview: New World's Rise Of The Angry Earth Expansion Brings Mounts, Laser Mammoths To MMO This October

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth has officially been unveiled, with the expansion coming on October 3rd, 2023. We went hands-on during a preview even in Irvine earlier this month to check out the expansion, including a bout with an elemental gorilla and a laser mammoth.

Blue Protocol Is Releasing On PC First With Consoles Coming Later

Blue Protocol announced it was releasing on PC and current-gen consoles in 2023, though the exact timing of each platform was given a little bit more clarity. Per Siliconera, the PC version is slated to release first in 2023, with console versions coming some time after.

New World's Latest Forged In Aeternum Video Talks About Lore In The MMORPG

The latest episode in Amazon Games' New World Forged in Aeternum series touches on the lore of the MMORPG. Not really just the lore itself, but some of the insight into crafting the lore itself.

Amazon Dropped Its LotR MMO Due To 'Complicated' Talks With Tencent

Amazon is opening up in a new interview wth Gamespot about why its recently canceled Lord of the Rings-themed MMO was so abruptly shuttered last year, citing its talks with Tencent as a core reason.

The Quick and Dirty: Lost Ark's Summer Patch

Lowry takes a look at the latest Lost Ark update and breaks down his thoughts, covering the Event Guardians to Pet Ranch that has taken over Arkesia.

New World's Delayed Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition Going Live With Tonight's Update

New World's latest expedition was initially delayed earlier this summer, but will finally be available for players to start diving into. The Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, as well as a new Mutation set for expeditions making the challenge even harder for veteran players, are coming.

Amazon's Ultimate Crown League of Legends Event Made Vegas Shine Even Brighter This Weekend

As someone who grew up in Las Vegas, Bradford was reminded why this city - and the events it can hold - can truly be special. With Amazon's Ultimate Crown event pitting MrBeast and Ninja together, Bradford looks at the event as well as how it reminds him how incredible in-person events can end up being.

Lost Ark - Just Use Grudge

Anthony is here to tell you all to just use Grudge when you're looking for the best damage engraving in your Lost Ark escapades. Just use Grudge, y'all.

New World's XP Extravaganza Event Brings Double Weapon XP Through June 9th

If you've been looking for a time to hop back into New World and get that weapon skill up to level 20, now might be the perfect time to do so. Amazon has announced a XP Extravaganza event that sees players earning twice the amount of XP for weapon skills now through June 9th.

Lost Ark's June-July Roadmap: The Quick and Dirty

This past week, Amazon-Smilegate revealed their Lost Ark roadmap for June and July. A lot of it was expected, and some were surprising. Lowry breaks down what they are looking forward to with the upcoming content in the MMOARPG.

New World Interview: Talking Heart of Madness Update With Creative Director David Verfaillie

With the latest update of Amazon's New World hitting this week, Heart of Madness provides more opportunities for players to enjoy Aeternum. We chatted with New World creative director David Verfaillie about the update.

The Implications of Argos and Future Lost Ark Content

Lost Ark has had one of the most successful launches of nearly any MMO in history, yet players that remain are still looking for more content. Anthony explores Argos and the implications the content has on the MMO ARPG.

Lost Ark Review

Lost Ark is finally playable here in the West, but how does the self-described MMOARPG hold up? Was it worth the wait? Here is our review.