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Elite Dangerous AMA Spills More Details on Odyssey

A recent AMA for Elite Dangerous took place on the official forums, with the team spilling some details on upcoming expansion Odyssey and more.

Chris Roberts: Squadron 42 Has 'A Ways to Go' Before Beta

Star Citizen is back in the news after it recently hit Alpha 3.11.0. A recent AMA has seen frustrated fans and backers inquire about Squadron 42, and, well, Chris Roberts replied.

Fractured AMA Discusses Price and Future Testing

A recent AMA for upcoming SpatialOS MMO, Fractured, was held over on the Reddit where things like pricing and upcoming tests were discussed.

Sandbox MMO 'Fractured' Reduces Alpha Prices

Sandbox MMO Fractured has announced a reduction in prices for their Alpha.

Recent Corepunk AMA Reveals Detail on Housing, Mounts, Professions, More

On the back of a closed beta targeting December, the Producer and Lead Game Designer for upcoming Corepunk hosted an AMA on Reddit earlier touching on player housing, map size, and more.

Star Citizen Environment Art AMA Shares Update on Pyro System

A recent AMA discussing environment art in Star Citizen touched on just what's up with the Pyro System, in addition to asking about various other biomes.

Ashes of Creation Team Is Hiring For Several Positions

The team behind Ashes of Creation, Intrepid Studios, is hiring for some key positions. Do you fit the bill?

New Ashes of Creation Development Update Live Stream Today at 2p EDT

The next Ashes of Creation development update is scheduled for later today at 2p EDT.

Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Multiboxing

Following the AMA over the weekend, the Ashes of Creation team have posted a Dev Discussion all about multiboxing.

Ashes of Creation AMA VOD Available

As previewed last week, Steven Sharif from the Ashes of Creation team held an AMA over on Reddit, the video of which you can watch below.

Ashes of Creation Development Update Stream July 31

Ashes of Creation's team will hold a live stream on Friday, July 31 at 11a PDT. Here are additional details.

Ashes of Creation AMA Tomorrow, July 25

A new Ashes of Creation AMA is scheduled for tomorrow, July 25.

Star Citizen Recaps Theaters of War AMA

Cloud Imperium Games of Star Citizen has published a recap of their Theaters of War AMA which took place on June 3.

Bethesda's Fallout 76 AMA Discusses Camps, Roadmap, and More

Bethesda recently held an AMA for Fallout 76 where they discussed camps, a roadmap, and more.

Star Citizen AMA Looks at the Quantum System

A recent Star Citizen AMA looks at the Quantum system. The AMA featured Senior Technical Designer Jake Muehle and more. Here's what we learned.