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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Removing Its Exo-Biology Minigame For Launch

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is currently undergoing alpha testing on PC, and one of the major points of feedback has been in response to the minigame aspect of its major exo-biology feature. The Genetic Sampler minigame will be removed before or around launch time in responnse to the feedback.

New World Updates Alpha Notes To Include New Ice Gauntlet Weapon, PvP Changes

New World is steaming ahead towards it launch this August, and the patch notes today give a glimpse into how that development is progressing. The notes add the new Ice Gauntlet weapon, as well as provide more incentives for PvP in Aeternum.

Multiplayer Sandbox Game Myth Of Empires Is Holding A Global Alpha Test April 15th

Myth of Empires is an in-development multiplayer sandbox game slated to hit early access on Steam. The team announced today that an upcoming global alpha test is being planned for April 15th through April 23rd, inching them closer to that goal.

Fractured Team Address Yesterday's Server Crash

It seems yesterday was no April Fool's for Fractured. In short, a server crash affected the SpatialOS MMO. A recent forum from the team provided some additional context and what the road forward could mean.

Elite Dangerous Lays Out How Upcoming Odyssey Alpha Will Roll Out Next Week

Frontier is prepping for its upcoming Alpha for the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion next week, and the team took to Twitter to share exactly how that rollout will work when the alpha goes live on Monday.

Blizzard Says Diablo Immortal Alpha is 'Making Great Progress' Will Allow Some Testers In

Did you forget about Diablo Immortal? If so, rest assured that the game is still on its way, and it has made substantial progress in alpha. Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng has released an update on the Technical Alpha, gameplay and more.