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Ashes of Creation Alpha One Now Ending August 15

In case you missed it, Intrepid Studios, the developers behind upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, announced recently their Alpha One test is now ending on August 15.

Ashes of Creation Guild Gathering Asks How You Resolve Conflict

The latest Guild Gathering community question for Ashes of Creation has arrived. This one is all about something we're all familiar with: conflict resolution.

Ashes of Creation Alpha One Begins Today

Today is the day Ashes of Creation's Alpha One playtest begins in earnest after a few delays. If you're one of those backers looking to hop in, here are some details.

Ashes of Creation Alpha One Preview Impressions

Ashes of Creation recently held their Alpha One Preview event this past weekend. I had the chance to dive into this small slice of the upcoming MMORPG and came away with some surprised thoughts. What did I think of it? Read on, dear readers.

Here's What Happened During the Ashes of Creation Live Stream

Intrepid Studios held their most recent live stream for Ashes of Creation just this past Friday. If you happened to miss it, here are the highlights.

Ashes of Creation Lifts Verbal NDA, Visual NDA Still Applies

It seems Intrepid Studios, the team behind Ashes of Creation, has lifted the verbal NDA tied to their alpha. However, the visual NDA still applies. Here are the details.

Ashes of Creation Asks You About Crafting

The next Dev Discussion is here from the Ashes of Creation team. This time, they want your thoughts on crafting.

Ashes of Creation June Alpha One Test Delayed, Cites Other MMO Launches, More For Delay

Ashes of Creation's upcoming NDA-less Alpha One test was scheduled to take place on June 1st and run the whole month, however in an update Intredpid Studios has announced that the test will be delayed into July.

Ashes of Creation's Steven Sharif Clarifies Content Creator Program Details

Intrepid Studios recently revealed their revamped Content Creator Program to the community. Steven Sharif chimed in on Reddit as well to provide some clarification on the program.

Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream Today at 2p ET

Here's a quick PSA: the newest Ashes of Creation live stream is scheduled for later today at 11a PDT / 2p EDT. You can expect to catch the latest development updates from the community team in addition to the usual Q&A.

Ashes of Creation Creative Director's Letter Gives Update on Progress Towards Alpha One

There's a new letter out from Ashes of Creation Creative Director, Steven Sharif. In it, he discusses the new update to the studio, in addition to the road towards the upcoming Alpha One playtest.

Ashes of Creation is Hiring Again

It looks like Intrepid Studios, the team behind upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, is hiring again.

Ashes of Creation Alpha One Test Delayed to June 1

Ashes of Creation's Alpha One has been delayed out of April with a new start date of June 1. Here are the details.

Here's What Happened in Ashes of Creation in January

Ashes of Creation had a busy January. In case you missed it, here's what happened last month as the team ramps to Alpha One open testing.

Ashes of Creation Confirms In-Depth Character Creator

In case you missed it, the Ashes of Creation community team confirmed the in-depth nature of the character creator. Here's what you can expect.