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Embers Adrift Announces Final Alpha Stage, Opening Pre-Orders in October and Launch Targeted Mid 2022

Embers Adrift developer Stormhaven Studios has released a statement from Executive Producer John Gust, notifying potential players that the team is headed into their "Final Alpha Stage", which you can participate in after you pre-order the game. Preorders will be available starting October, 2021.

Chronicles of Elyria Changes Its Alpha NDA, Talks Blockchain And NFTs In Latest Update

Chronicles of Elyria's back in the news this week after an update posted to its website details changes being made to its Alpha NDA, as well as talks about NFTs within Elyria.

Kingdoms Of Elyria Sim Finally Gets An Alpha Date, Coming July 6th

After delays that saw the launch of the alpha miss its end of May release, we finally know when the Kingdoms of Elyria alpha will be starting. Chronicles of Elyria developer Jeromy "Caspien" Walsh, the upcoming alpha will finally release next week on July 6th.

Palia Pre-Alpha Will Be Under NDA, More Discussed in Discord FAQ

It looks like the pre-alpha for Palia, the upcoming MMO from former Riot developers, will include an NDA according to a recent podcast.

 Zenith: The Last City Alpha Impressions - Hands On With The VR MMORPG

Zenith: The Last City, by developer RamenVR, had its first alpha test earlier this month. Even though this was a more traditional alpha, as a VR MMORPG inspired by JRPGs, was it fun to play? Does it have the potential to be a long-term home for VR players? Read on to check out Kevin's thoughts on the first alpha.

New World Details More Of Its Cash Shop Plans, No Plans To Provide Anything That Feels 'Pay To Win'

The New World cash shop has been something of a lightning rod the last few weeks in the MMO community after news that Amazon was testing an in-game cash shop during the latest alpha. However, it was the idea of adding boosters to the shop that drew criticism from across the playerbase.

New World Talks About Its Alpha, Future Plans Heading Into Its July Closed Beta

New World is in a transition phase, as the team at Amazon Game Studios is getting ready to start prepping for its upcoming closed beta. May's Alpha Update brings with it some more of the vision that the team has wanted since they set out to create New World as the team gets ready for polish and finish on the MMO heading into the July closed beta test.

Pantheon Development Update Tomorrow Will Dive Deeper into Road to Alpha

Here's a quick public service announcement for all you Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen fans. The team announced they will host a development update live stream tomorrow, May 6.

Swords of Legends Online Alpha Preview - Checking Out Gameforge's New MMORPG

We had the chance to check out the alpha for the upcoming Swords of Legends Online. Here are Bradford's initial thoughts at of the massive MMO, from first thoughts about combat and the world design to its cash shop.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha Has Been Extended, Phase 4 Coming April 28th

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey alpha was scheduled to end on April 30th ahead of the mid-May launch of the expansion. However, thanks to player feedback, that alpha has been extended a few days.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Phase 2 Launches Today With A Guide To Conflict Zones

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey Alpha is currently ongoing, and the team has entered phase two of its testing, opening up the ability for players to travel beyond the initial solar system the phase was locked into. To help those players along, the team at Frontier has released a new trailer detailing conflict zones in Odyssey.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Launches Today With Phase One Of Testing

Elite Dangerous' anticipated Odyssey expansion is coming out this year, and PC players can start to check out some of the upcoming content as the Alpha launches today.

Ashes of Creation: Bulwark on the Battlefield - Tank Alpha One Preview

As the heart of any good unit, a Tank knows their duty and strength lie at the front lines of the fray. All around them, the battle ebbs and flows with the steady beating of that heart. Check out this exclusive developer journal from the Ashes of Creation team.

Diablo Immortal Alpha Preview

Last month, Diablo Immortal held a closed alpha test that focused on the endgame content. Here are our impressions of the state of the alpha for Diablo Immortal.

New World Headed Back to Alpha Testing, Update Notes Provided

The latest article on the New World site acknowledges that previous tests have fulfilled their purpose, and now points to the next alpha phase where plans to test new designs, implement changes and hopefully break the game in hopes to better fix it, will be ongoing.