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Albion Online Devs Remind About Next Week's Price Increases and How to Keep the Old Ones

Premium and gold are rising in price next week in Albion Online, but the team is reminding all of the change and how to lock in the old pricing,

Albion Online Beyond the Veil Update is Live, Opening the Mists and Much More

The Mists are open, as Albion Online's Beyond the Veil update is now live, with major content additions, new resource tier, quality of life changes, and more.

Albion Online Reveals Fey Armor, Which Gives You Special Abilities, and Pristine Resources to Fight Over

Today, Albion Online's latest devtalk goes into some new features to expect - Fey Armor, which you can craft from The Mists' creature drops to gain special abilities, and the new resource level everyone will fight over, Pristine Enchantment.

Albion Online is Holding The First Large-Scale Playtest for The Mists Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Albion Online will hold a large-scale playtest for The Mists, the new major feature coming in the Beyond the Veil update this month.

Albion Online Unveils The Mists, a Major New Feature Coming in the Beyond the Veil Update

The newest Albion Online dev talk details a major upcoming feature--the Mists, and what to expect from entering, unique creatures, and what's there for both PvE and PvP oriented players.

Albion Online Getting Ready for Invasion Day This Weekend After Extended Maintenance for Server Issues Today

Albion Online will be holding its next Invasion Day this Saturday and Sunday across regions. Today, the team had  an extended downtime to resolve some significant issues with disconnects and instability.

Albion Online Adds New Victory Emotes To Add Some Flair to Your Kills

In today's update, Albion Online adds several new victory emotes to add some style to your player kills. Today's patch also has some improvements and balance changes.

Albion Online Adds Japanese and Italian Support and New Guild Finder Ahead of Season 17

Albion Online is expanding with its latest patch, adding both Japanese and Italian language support,  introducing a Guild Finder, and setting up guild season changes.

Albion Online Will Overhaul Roads of Avalon and Add the Mists, Solo Content With New Creatures and Exclusives

Changes are coming to Albion Online. First up, the Roads of Avalon are getting a visual update and being reworked into a small-group, competitive focused area. Also coming are the Mists, new solo PvE/PvP content with exclusive creatures and loot.

Albion Online Season 17 Begins September 17th, With Changes to Crystal Arena Ranking, Loot, and HQ Boosters

Albion Online's Season 17 will begin on September 17th. This season will be a week shorter than usual and will bring some changes to loot, the Crystal Arena ranking system, and more.

Albion Online Adds Final Two Magic Staff Reworks, Arcane and Frost Staff, Along With Loot Changes

Arcane and Frost Magic Staff lines have their promised full reworks in Albion Online with the latest patch, the fourth following the Into the Fray update.

Albion Online Update Improves Matchmaking, a Better Rank Points Arena System, and Tweaks Journey Back Costs

The third patch following the Into the Fray update arrives in Albion Online, with improved matchmaking, better Rank Point calculations, adjustments to Journey Back costs and more.

Battle Statues of Past Champions for Anniversary Loot As Albion Online Marks Five Years

Living Legends become literal, as Albion Online marks its fifth anniversary. Fight statues of previous champions in the open world for anniversary loot.

A Mystery of Missing Statues is Unfolding in Albion Online Ahead of Fifth Anniversary

Ahead of it's 5th anniversary, a mystery is unfolding in Albion Online, where statues of previous season winners have gone missing.

Albion Online Updates Crystal League Timing, Balances Combat, and Adds a Bunch of Helpful UI Changes

The latest update for Albion Online adjusts Crystal League battles timing, adds more prominent Dynamic Events, makes several weapon balance changes, and fixes a series of issues.