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Albion Online Opens Allhallows Event and Shares Stats From First 10 Days of Wild Blood Update

Albion Online is celebrating Allhallows and sharing some of the data from the first 10 days of this month's big Wild Blood update. 

Albion Online's Wild Blood Update Is Here to Shake Things Up

Wild Blood is here to change Albion Online. The update goes live today, with a number of interconnected systems like Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking across the open world, a revamp of personal islands, and much more.

Albion Online Devs Detail Shapeshifter Weapons and More in Wild Blood

Albion Online's big Wild Blood update will be here on Monday, October 16th, and one of the highlights that will change a lot of things is the introduction of Shapeshifter Weapons.  The latest dev talk dives into the new mechanics and options.

Albion Online Details New Biomes, Personal Island and Farming Reworks Coming in Wild Blood Update

With the Wild Blood update set for October 16th, the Albion Online team has shared new details about the updates to islands and the farming rework on the way.

Albion Online Announces Final Crystal League Championship for September, With Changes to Come

Albion Online  is getting ready for change. Not only will the next major update, Wild Blood, be out in October, the devs have also announced the final  Crystal League Championship. Yep, final.

Albion Online Wild Blood Update Set for October, With Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking, and More New Features

Albion Online's next major content update, Wild Blood, will go live in October.  Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking, and Awakened and Legendary weapons are coming.

Albion Online Awakened and Legendary Items Will Offer Prestige, and a More Tailored Experience

The Albion Online team has revealed Awakened and Legendary items. These are on the way, starting with the next content update, to offer rare opportunities to leave your mark on the item pool, and vary your weapon traits.

Albion Online Brings The Living Legacy Back, With Sixth Anniversary Festivities On Both Servers

It's sixth anniversary time in Albion Online, with the Living Legacy event returning--and also celebrated over on Albion East.

Albion Online Introduces Shapeshifter Staffs, and The Living Legacy Event Returns

Get ready to shapeshift in Albion Online with the upoming Shapeshifter Staffs. The team previews the upcoming feature and announces Living Legends will return next week.

Albion Online Has Banned Nearly 39,000 Accounts for Cheating and Botting Since March

The Albion Online team has been cracking down on botting and cheating, having removed nearly 39,000 accounts in recent weeks.

Albion Online Knightfall Update Adds a Dungeon to The Mists, Changes The Roads of Avalon, and Much More

Albion Online has released its new major Knightfall update, which expands The Mists, updates the Roads of Avalon, adds a new dungeon, rewards improvements, and more.

 Albion Online Shares New Stats Following Albion East Launch and Record-Setting Player Numbers

The Albion Online team has released a new infographic and a whole lot of details about  the opening of the Albion East server, including soaring player numbers and new records.

Albion Online Knightfall Update Will Expand The Mists and Overhaul the Roads of Avalon

Knightfall, the upcoming big patch for Albion Online, gets its own dev talk and blog. Meanwhile, May sees the return of the the Morgana challenge.

Albion Online Details Creating an Effective Bow Build

A new build guide at Albion Online is all about the ins and outs of using a bow.

Albion Online Development Update Previews Major Content to Come and In-Process Overhauls

In a new development update Albion Online reveals short-term content plans, including "Dungeons in the Mists", and longer-term overhauls and improvements to support the game's growth.