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Albion Online Patch 13 Brings Long-Requested 'Use All' Button

Rejoice, Albion Online gamers, for the Use All button will finally be added in the upcoming Patch 13.

Albion Online Season 11 Crystal League Championship Starting March 6

Season 11 Crystal League Championship has been announced to take place in Albion Online for March 6.

Albion Online Patch Brings Updates to Corrupted Dungeons and More

A new Albion Online patch - Rise of Avalon Patch 12 - is now out and brings several changes to Corrupted Dungeons.

Albion Online Faction Warfare Playtest Scheduled for January 16

A new playtest is scheduled for Albion Online on January 16. This one is all about Faction Warfare.

Frost Challenge Returns to Albion Online

The Frost Challenge has returned to Albion Online for your chance at new loot.

Albion Online Looks Back on 2020

The Albion Online team looked back on their 2020 in a recent post as they looked at the various content and feature releases for the MMO.

Your Uncle Frost is Visiting in Albion Online - Plus a Year End Update from Sandbox Interactive

It's that time of year where families get together, and in Albion Online that family includes Uncle Frost, who brings gifts to all who defeat him. Doesn't he sound like every uncle in existence?

Albion Online's Rise of Avalon Patch 11 Brings Combat Balance Changes and More

Rise of Avalon Patch 11 is here for Albion Online bringing new vanity skins, combat balance changes, and more.

Albion Online Guild Season 11 Starts Today

Guild Season 11 starts in Albion Online today. Here's what you need to know.

Albion Online's Crystal League Has Crowned Its Winners

Albion Online's Crystal League Tournament took place over this past weekend, and we now have winners.

Albion Online Reminds Us of Multi Account Rules

The Albion Online team provided us a reminder on the rules for multiple user accounts. Here's the deal.

Albion Online Patch Brings Update to Corrupted Dungeon Mobs

A new Albion Online patch has brought some changes to Corrupted Dungeon mobs in addition to some combat balance changes.

Albion Online Has Banned 604 Accounts for Third Party Currency Purchases

Well, the banhammer has come down in Albion Online for 604 accounts who participated in third party currency purchases.

Grim Challenge Returns in Albion Online

The Grim Challenge is back in Albion Online this year and will last all month long.

Here Are Some Changes Coming to Albion Online Guild Season 11

Changes are set to hit Albion Online for Guild Season 11. Here are some of them.