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Albion Online Explains Manual Cluster Queue Priority System

Have questions on the manual cluster queue priority system? Well, the Albion Online team have published an explanation.

Season Points Are Doubled in Albion Online This Weekend

Saturday is Invasion Day in Albion Online, and all season points will be doubled.

Albion Online Hotfix and Known Issues for Brimstone & Mist Outlined

Albion Online's Brimstone and Mist update hit earlier this week. And with any update, there are hotfixes and known issues.

Albion Online's Forum Database was Breached, Change Your Password

You should change your password for Albion Online's forums following a recent database breach. Here are the details.

Albion Online Receives Brimstone and Mist Update on October 21

Albion Online is set to receive a huge update on October 21 called Brimstone and Mist.

Refer a Friend to Albion Online and Receive a Panda Mount Skin

A new season of Refer a Friend has arrived to Albion Online. This time, you can be awarded with a Panda mount skin.

Harvest Challenge Returns to Albion Online

The Harvest Challenge has returned to Albion Online for the entire month of October.

Albion Online's Mobile Version Receives Improvements in Latest Patch

If you play Albion Online on mobile, good news. Patch 5 brought several improvements to the mobile experience.

Albion Online Surpassed Over 125,000 Daily Average Users This Month

In the most recent population update for Albion Online, the team have announced that the Daily Average User count has surpassed 125,000 for the first time.

1 Billion Worth of In-Game Assets Stolen From Albion Online Guild by Player

In some seriously epic Albion Online drama, it looks like a guild had over 1 billion worth of in-game assets stolen from them by a single player.

Albion Online Patch Addresses Corrupted Dungeons

A recent patch for Albion Online's current update, Rise of Avalon, brings about a few changes to Corrupted Dungeons.

The Heretic Challenge Returns to Albion Online

Albion Online sees the return of the Heretic Challenge, but this time, with new mounts.

Infamy Adjustments Made to Albion Online After Over 1 Million Players Accessed Corrupted Dungeons

Well folks, the Albion Online team have made adjustments to Infamy in Rise of Avalon because over 1 million people accessed Corrupted Dungeons.

Albion Online Team Warns Using Third Party GPS Tools is Bannable

If you've been thinking about using a third party GPS tool for Albion Online's Roads of Avalon, well, you might want to think twice.

Albion Online's Offseason Crystal Tournament Begins Saturday

The Offseason Crystal Tournament for Albion Online is set to begin this Saturday.

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