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Albion Online Talks Outland Power Balance For Upcoming Update

The latest developer update for Albion Online discusses Outland power balance, the next season, and more.

Albion Online Season 13 Balance Patch Improves Corrupted Dungeons

The Season 13 balance patch for Albion Online has arrived and brings several improvements to Corrupted Dungeons. Read on for more details.

Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 8 Brings Increased Lethal Hellgate Rewards

Albion Online has received Patch 8 for its Call to Arms update. This update brings an increase in rewards to lethal Hellgates in addition to several quality of life improvements.

Albion Online Next Guild Season Begins June 19

Albion Online's next guild season being June 19 and features loads of rewards, including the new Phalanx Beetle. If you're looking to participate, here are the details you'll need to know.

Albion Online's Knight Challenge Returns All Month Long

The Knight Challenge returns to Albion Online and will run all month long, giving you ample time to win some sweet rewards and climb that challenge ladder.

Morgana Challenge Returns to Albion Online This Month

The Morgana Challenge has returned in Albion Online. Participating in this event will give you a chance for some pretty neat rewards. Here's how you can unlock these items.

Albion Online Launches on iOS and Android This Summer

If you've been waiting and wondering about the formal mobile launch of Albion Online, wonder no longer. Albion Online is set to officially launch on iOS and Android this summer. Pre-registration is open now.

Albion Online Hotfix Addresses Hunter Challenge Issues

The Albion Online team have identified some issues with their Hunter Challenge event. Fortunately, a hotfix is due to be deployed today to correct these issues. The hotfix should be deployed during maintenance, and here's what you can expect.

Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 2 Arrives Along with Moose Mount

Albion Online's second patch for their Call to Arms update is now live. And, if you're the type who enjoys collecting mounts, this one might interest you. There's a tame moose mouse available as part of this latest update.

Albion Online Has Seen Over 140,00 Daily Average Players

The team behind Albion Online published some recent numbers as part of their population report for Spring 2021.

Albion Online's Rites of Spring Event Underway

The Rites of Spring event is underway in Albion Online giving you the chance at earning some event rewards by hunting down eggs.

These Are the Current Known Issues for Albion Online's Call to Arms Update

Albion Online's Call to Arms update may have only released yesterday, but it's not without some issues.

Hellgates Rework Arrive in Albion Online as Part of Call to Arms Update

As part of the upcoming Call to Arms update arriving to Albion Online today, the Hellgate Rework is the latest feature outlined in a recent dev talk.

Albion Online Details Loadouts System Arriving March 17 in Call to Arms Update

Albion Online is set to receive a loadouts system in the upcoming Call to Arms update on March 17. Here are some details.

The Keeper Challenge Returns to Albion Online

The Keeper Challenge has returned to Albion Online, giving you all month to earn some rewards.