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Wayfinder Gets Performance and Player Experience Improvements, Balance Tweaks, and Some New Challenges

Airship Syndicate continues improving Wayfinder, and the game's latest patch fixes dozens of bugs, and releases a suite of performance and player experience improvements.

Wayfinder Gets A Number of UI and Gameplay Improvements, a Rollback After Some Data Loss

After a new patch with significant UI and gameplay improvements, the Wayfinder team addressed errors and had to take the game down for a slight rollback.

Layoffs Hit Wayfinder Studio Airship Syndicate, With Executives Cutting Their Own Pay to Keep Operations Up

As Wayfinder continues to get development updates on its road to full release, developer and publisher Airship Syndicate is the latest to see layoffs. However, in an unusual move, company execs have cut their own salaries to keep things operational.

Wayfinder to Get Notable Performance Optimizations, Reduced System Demand in February

Airship Syndicate is previewing the next Wayfinder patch, set to release in early February. The update is focused on performance improvements and stability, along what the team had laid out in their roadmap.

Wayfinder Roadmap Reveals 2024 Roadmap As New Content Hits Job Board

The developers at Airship Syndicate have revealed the Q1 content Roadmap for their MMO Wayfinder while also announcing a bit of new content to hit the game within a Job Board preview.

Wayfinder Teases Its World Is About To Get 'A Whole Lot Larger' In 2024

A new video by Airship Syndicate looks back on Wayfinder's 2023, albeit briefly, while giving some hints as to what players can expect as the team moves ahead towards its full free-to-play launch in 2024.

Wayfinder Soft Launches Eventide Update Asking Players To Put On Their Dev Caps 

The developers of Wayfinder have soft launched their Eventide update in hopes that the players would come across any game destroying bugs before the full release. 

Wayfinder 'Pauses' Seasons and Previews Huge December Update Amid Transition Process

Wayfinder developer Airship Syndicate took ownership over their game when Digital Extremes exited publishing. With Wayfinder in Early Access, the team is previewing the big December update, while also pausing Seasons for the time being.

Airship Syndicate Commits To Continued Work on Wayfinder After Digital Extremes Layoffs

After Digital Extremes layoffs and closure of publishing, Wayfinder devs Airship Syndicate commit to moving forward with development as they take over full operations.

Wayfinder Previews Second Mid-Season Update, The Reaver King

The Reaver King, the second part of Wayfinder's mid-season update, gets a preview of new story quests, new weapons, and more.

Wayfinder Midseason Update Arrives, With Improvements and  'Call of the Void', the Game's First Event

Wayfinder is inviting everyone to the "Call of the Void" with its mid-season update. The update continues Airship Syndicate's improvements to the game and starts the first limited time event, with new quests and a new boss.

Wayfinder Gets First Part of Inventory and QoL Update, Previews First Live Event, Call of the Void

Wayfinder team talks the Grendel reveal at the Tokyo Game Show, previews first live event, Call of the Void, and details part one of the big inventory and quality of life update.

How to Play Solo in Wayfinder | Guides

When you just want some time to grind by yourself, you can turn off matchmaking in Wayfinder and take things entirely into your own hands. Here's how.

Wayfinder Announces Atypical Hero, Grendel, With Teaser and Confirmation of Full Anime on the Way

The Wayfinder team has a new teaser for the next hero on the way, the atypical hero and berserker, Grendel. His teaser comes alongside news on a fuller animation due this year from animation vet Joaquim dos Santos.

Wayfinder Plans Upcoming Inventory Update and Aims for Free to Play In 2024

Wayfinder's next update focuses on Inventory and XP Buffs. The new update is set to roll out next week.