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AION Classic Europe Celebrates Its First Anniversary With Array Of In-Game Events

After the initial success of AION Classic Europe's launch of the 2.7 update, Rise of the Revenant, Gameforge has announced that there are even more surprises coming for their one-year anniversary celebration. 

New Revenant Class Arrives with Aion Classic Europe's Update 2.7 'Rise of the Revenant'

Update 2.7 has gone live for Aion Classic Europe, adding the new Revenant class, which is only available on Aion Classic servers.

'Rise of the Revenant' Will Bring an Exclusive New Class, New Starting Region, and More to Aion Classic Europe

Gameforge has announced update 2.7, "Rise of the Revenant" for Aion Classic Europe. Bringing a new starting region of Telos, and a new class, the Soldier (and the Revenants they become). The packed update adds new systems, new instances, and a series of updates and improvements.

Aion Classic Update 2.5, Lady Siel's Call Offers a Packed Roster of New Instances, New Bosses, and More

Gameforge has released Update 2.5 Lady Siel's Call for Aion Classic. Bringing new challenges, several new instances, including new dungeons and PvE arenas, new mechanics, and much more.

Gameforge is Bringing Update 2.5: Lady Siel's Call to AION Classic This Year

Update 2.5: Lady Siel's Call, is coming later this year for Gameforge's AION Classic. The update brings several new instances, new mechanics, the Combat Talent System, and more updates and improvements to content and quests.

Aion Classic 'Stormwing's Revenge' Update Coming Tomorrow, With New Weapons, New Dungeons, and More

Gameforge's Aion Classic is getting ready for "Stormwing's Revenge" with the new 2.4 update out tomorrow. Expect new challenges, a new PvP instance, and more. 

Gameforge Announces 'Stormwing's Revenge', Update 2.4 for Aion Classic, With New Instances and Gear

Gameforge's Aion Classic will be getting a brand new update, "Stormwing's Revenge", with new PvE and PvP additions, new level cap, and the introduction of Liberated Stormwing weapons.

AION Classic EU Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea To Lift Level Cap, and Introduce the Balaur

Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea for Aion Classic EU, due later this summer, will raise the level cap, add new gear, new skills, PVE and PVP instances, and much more. 

Gameforge's AION Classic 2023 Roadmap Includes New Regions, New Level Cap, and Instances to Challenge

Gameforge's AION Classic Europe Roadmap includes new regions, new level cap, PvE and PvP instances, and more, with first big update in July.

Gameforge Launches International Aion Classic Server in Europe

Gameforge has now launched its permanent Aion Classic server in Europe. The new server is accessible in different regions and brings the classic MMORPG back with some improvements.

Gameforge Launching Aion Classic in Europe on April 12th

Gameforge will officially launch its free to play Aion Classic server in Europe on April 12th. 

Aion Classic Holding Live Presentation and Q&A This Friday Ahead of March European Launch

Aion Classic will head to Europe early this year via a publishing deal with Gameforge. Ths classic server aims to bring the war between the Elyos and Asmodians back for a new audience. 

Gameforge Launching AION Classic in Europe in Early 2023

Gameforge will bring AION Classic to PC in Europe beginning in early 2023. This will present a fresh start opportunity to return to Atreia, or head there for the first time.

Aion Producer's Letter Explains Changes Made Due to Decreasing Population

Aion has been one of NC's (Formerly NCSoft) few games that have been around for more than a decade. With limited updates over the past year, the Producer's Letter has graced us at a time where new updates have just rolled out for both Aion and Aion Classic. The Producers, Min Lee and Wesley White talk a little about what's still coming to the game, as well as indicating that they have been making positive changes to contend with a lower stream of players.

AION Europe Receives Update 8.0,  Raises Level Cap and Brings New Legendary Transformation

AION European players can gear up for Update 8.0 launching today bringing about an increased level cap, new legendary transformation, and more.