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Enad Global 7 Looks to Acquire Developer Behind Mechwarrior Online, Piranha Games Inc.

Enad Global 7 has made a few moves recently with the acquisition of not just Pranha Games Inc. but also Big Blue Bubble. The press release indicates that the acquisition agreements are meant to follow their strategy to "perform complementary acquisitions to establish a stronger industry position."

Phil Spencer Believes It's Possible to Recoup $7.5B Bethesda Purchase Without Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation

Remember Microsoft's $7.5 billion purchase of Zenimax Media and their child companies, including Bethesda Softworks? A new interview from Kotaku with Phil Spencer sheds some more light on that.

OPINION: Microsoft's ZeniMax Acquisition is Bad for Consumers (Shank Rants)

By now, you have no doubt seen the news of Microsoft's $7.5 billion buyout of Zenimax Media - the parent company of Bethesda Softworks. Before the hype and excitement make their rounds, if they haven't already, let's pause for a moment and apply some critical thinking. I do not think this acquisition is good for consumers. Here's why.

Elder Scrolls Online - Microsoft Acquires Zenimax Online Media - Parent Company to Bethesda Softworks

In a stark, but not surprising move, Microsoft has acquired Zenimax Online Media, the parent company to Bethesda, which would solidify Microsoft as one of the premiere parent companies of some of the most well known and exciting RPG intellectual properties the gaming industry has come to love over the past several decades. The acquisition will include all of Bethesda's library, including Elder Scrolls, and Fallout.