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A3: Still Alive Receives Flooded Metium Battle Royale Mode

An all-new battle royale mode is available in A3: Still Alive across the App Store and Google Play.

Over 2 Million People Downloaded 'A3: Still Alive' in December, Receives New Update

A3: Still Alive experienced a successful December seeing over 2 million downloads last month. A new update has also just released.

A3: Still Alive Receives First Update Bringing a New Port City

Dark fantasy open world mobile RPG A3: STILL ALIVE has received its first update bringing a new port city and more.

A3: Still Alive Review

A3: Still Alive is the latest mobile MMORPG from Netmarble with a twist. In addition to the typical MMORPG world and class design, A3: Still Alive also includes a Battle Royale mode. However, what could have been a unique twist on an oversaturated genre has devolved into another auto-battling idle game bursting with pay-to-win mechanics. There was a lot of possibility with this one, but unfortunately its story has turned into one of missed potential.

A3: STILL ALIVE Sees Over 1M Downloads In First Week

A3: Still Alive launched on mobile earlier this month, but already the game has seen over one million downloads.

A3: Still Alive Now Available on Mobile

Dark Fantasy Open World RPG A3: Still Alive is now available on mobile devices worldwide.

Netmarble Launches Dark Fantasy RPG 'A3: Still Alive' on November 10

Netmarble has announced their dark fantasy open world RPG A3: Still Alive is launching on November 10. Here are the details.

Dark Fantasy Open World RPG 'A3: STILL ALIVE' Announced by Netmarble

Netmarble has announced a new dark fantasy open world RPG called A3: Still Alive. And pre-registration is open now.