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7Hz Timeless AE Planar Magnetic IEM Review: Great for Music and Gaming!

The original 7Hz Timeless was one of the best planar magnetic earphones of last year. The 7Hz Timeless AE is even better, especially for music and gaming. Is it worth a buy? Find out in our review!

7Hz Salnotes Zero Review: $20 Gems

For only $20, the 7Hz Salnotes Zero may be the best budget IEMs you can buy. Step up to high-end audio without the high-end price. Find out more in our review.

7Hz x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko Review

7Hz has teamed up with community all-star, Crinacle, to develop a new, affordable planar earphone like no other. At $99, this IEM is a steal. Find out why in our review!

7Hz Eternal IEM Review: Not Timeless

The 7Hz Timeless was one of the unexpected surprises of last year. 7Hz is back with its latest release to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Does the Eternal live up to the high standard of the Timeless? Find out in our review.