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Anycubic releases Early Bird Preorders for Kobra Go

Anycubic is giving enthusiasts another option to jump into the world of 3D printing, with the introduction of the Kobra Go. Early bird pre-orders for the 3D printer are live now.

Anycubic Kobra Max Review

If you were a fan of the Anycubic Kobra, we have a hands-on review for the Anycubic Kobra Max! For the veteran looking to get a little more serious about their printing or looking to upgrade from a smaller build plate, the Kobra Max is certainly an appealing (albeit expensive) new contender on the printer market.

Photon Mono X + Wash & Cure Plus Review

Emily is back with another 3D Printer review! Check out the especially cool Photon Mono X in this full review!