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The Elder Scrolls Online: Taking A Look Back On 2021 And Head Towards 2022

With the year coming to an end Kevin takes a look back at The Elder Scrolls Online and the various features the team at Zenimax introduced in 2021. Read on about what worked, what didn't, and what has potential in 2022.

MMORPG 2021 Year In Review: What Was Your Favorite MMORPG Story This Year?

As we say farewell to 2021, Bradford continues to look back on the MMOs that helped define the year. Specifically, the stories told within those game worlds. Has there been an MMORPG story that has been your favorite this year?

Ubisoft Outlines New Content Plans for Division 2

New content is coming to Division 2, but in the meantime, Ubisoft has an update on what you'll be able to play immediately.

Last Oasis Recaps 2020 and Teases What's Coming for 2021

A lot happened in Last Oasis during 2020. A recent community post thanks the community and provides a glance as to what's still to come in 2021.

Crowfall Receiving New Vessel Progression System and More in 2021

Crowfall laid out its plans for 2021 on their Kickstarter page earlier, pointing to a new vessel progression system and more.

4 RPGs That Are Worth a Second Look in 2021 (and 4 That Need Redemption)

Some see the dawn of a new year as a fresh start. Whatever happened in the past, is history, and 2021 can bring adventure, prosperity, and new opportunities. This list applauds 4 titles created by studios that didn't give up after a tumultuous launch, and have turned their games into experiences worthy of a second chance. We also take a look at 4 titles that desperately need redemption in 2021, and for the sake of the fans, let's hope they find it!

Final Fantasy XI Looks Ahead to 2021, Including More Story

A "Happy New Year" message from the Final Fantasy XI team looks ahead to this year as they talk about their plans for story.

Albion Online Looks Back on 2020

The Albion Online team looked back on their 2020 in a recent post as they looked at the various content and feature releases for the MMO.

TERA Kicks Off 2021 With Several Events

January is set to bring a bunch of events to TERA including boosts, upgrades, and more.

Champions Online 'The Midnight Depths' Update Delayed Till 2021

Bad news for those of you looking forward to the next content update from Champions Online. It looks like that update, called The Midnight Depths, has been delayed till 2021.

Halo Infinite Delayed to 2021, Xbox Series X Releasing This November

In case you missed it, Halo Infinite has been delayed into 2021. However, Microsoft later confirmed that the Xbox Series X is set to release this November.

Horizon Forbidden West Aiming to Release 2021

It looks like Horizon Forbidden West is "aiming to release" in 2021, according to a new dev video.