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    Imaginary Numbers
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    N/A (04/30/2006)
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Tactica Online Overview

Tactica Online, developed by Imaginary Numbers, was a turn-based strategy RPG set in the Renaissance in the age of Leonardo da Vinci. da Vinci was working on designs for war machines for the government, and there was an ongoing battle between believers in magic and believers in science over which side held the truth. Players took sides in this debate by way of their characters who, in teams of six, had to make their way through the game's series of 30-minute story quests as well as engage in regular PvP battles with members of the other faction. Imaginary Numbers planned updates to the story content and the game itself every few months.

The game was to offer over 160 attainable skills and a rich storyline involving government conspiracies, secret societies, the Inquisition, and da Vinci's war machines and tank designs come to life. In addition to lots of possible skill combinations, the game had classes and levels, although victory in battle was a mix of strategy and skill, not just mere dice rolls. Tactica Online was cancelled in April of 2006.

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NPC Profile: Gilles de Payens
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