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Tabula Rasa Articles

Friday Night Fights Q&A

Friday Night Fights have been a popular event in Tabula Rasa since the game was in beta. NCsoft's Amy “Critters” Crider guides us through the evolution of the event, introduces the new boxing ring, and lets players know how they can join in.

Behind Velon Hollow

Tabula Rasa game designer Brian Hudson recently completed work on a new instance named Velon Hollow, where the minds of once intelligent beings have been overrun by an unknown toxin, turning them into ravenous zombies. In this dev journal, Brian shares his influences and inspirations in making this new replayable instance.

Magma Caverns - Michael Hutchison

NCsoft has been kind enough to supply us with a pair of developer diaries discussing the rework of Magma Caverns. In this first diary, Lead World Designer Michael Hutchison gives us his take.

Designing Fault Lever

Tabula Rasa world builder David Vargo guides us through the design process and philosophy behind the Fault Lever instance in Tabula Rasa.

Non-Exclusive Dev Diary: The Caves of Donn

Tabula Rasa Mission Designer Rebekah Tran has penned a dev diary detailing the Caves of Don, one of the first instance maps that players will be able to explore after entering the Wilderness Area.

Non-Exclusive Dev Diary: Control Points

Tabula Rasa Producer Starr Long has penned a developer diary describing control points, a game mechanic intended to simulate the back and forth of war by creating a dynamic battlefield.

Torcastra Prison Dev Diary and Video

NCsoft has provided us with this non exclusive dev diary written by Mission Designer Rebekah Tran. Also included was video of the area with the same name, Torcastra Prison.