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Warzones and Crafting Overview

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EA recently revealed the first solid details on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s PvP and crafting features as part of its annual Winter Showcase in London. Read below for a breakdown of the details.

Warzones will be one of several forms of PvP content in Star Wars: The Old Republic and most closely resemble World of Warcraft’s “Battlegrounds”.  The first Warzone to be revealed is the Alderaan Warzone, which will pit teams of eight players against each other in an objective-based PvP scenario focused on securing the planet’s defenses. Each Warzone will feature different mechanics and objectives, as opposed to simply serving as different locations to do battle in. Alderaan’s Warzone sees players drop in to the planet on dropships with the objective of securing a number of anti-aircraft guns that can be fired upon the enemy’s ships. Once the objectives are secure, a massive cannon can be fired at the enemy’s capital ship, ending the match. A video featuring the Alderaan Warzone can be viewed here.

Crafting in Star Wars: The Old Republic will make use of a “Crew Skill” system, which uses the player’s starship as a base of operations. This means that players will assign crafting tasks to their companions, with each companion having their own areas of expertise. Tasks are sorted into three distinct groups: Gathering, Crafting, and Missions.  Two of each have been revealed so far, out of a total of five for Gathering, seven for Crafting, and four for Missions.  Gathering tasks will include Bio Analysis and Slicing, Crafting will include Artifice and Biochem, and lastly Missions will include Diplomacy and Treasure Hunter. Again, keep in mind, this is just what’s been revealed so far.

In the case of Diplomacy, companions can alter morality and spread their influence, while Treasure Hunters can find rare items determined by a random number generator. Crafting tasks can be assigned to companions even while you are away from your ship, can be processed in a queue, and will continue even if the player is offline.


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