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Michael Dennis Posted:
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Part 1 - The Eight Base Statistics

Please note all the numerical amounts provided have been worked out by the game's players and, while they represent a very approximate estimation, are not confirmed by Mythic and may vary. All relevant, known equations have been included.

Statistics are the numbers that measure your character's physical capabilities. Depending on what kind of archetype you play, e.g. melee DPS or tank, different statistics will be prioritised. There are sixteen statistics (or stats) in total that cover every aspect of combat in the game, this article covers the eight primary ones. Stats come into play every time you attack another player or NPC and every time you get attacked. They determine the damage you take, the damage you deal, the healing you do, the amount of hit-points you have; so, even though you never need to "activate" them like your abilities, they are behind the scenes playing a very active part in almost everything you do. The eight base stats are:

  1. Strength
  2. Toughness
  3. Wounds
  4. Initiative
  5. Weapon Skill
  6. Ballistic Skill
  7. Intelligence
  8. Willpower

Players that have experience with the table top predecessor of the game will recognize the first six from the rules of that game. They play more or less the same roles as their table top equivalents, only in a much more complex way.

When you first create your character you will have the default level for each statistic. This differs for every archetype and career. Melee classes, for example, have higher melee stats (such as strength, toughness, weapon skill) and lower ranged and magical stats (e.g. ballistic skill and willpower). Each archetype has a primary stat that is the most important for them to raise, however, disregard the other stats at your own peril, it is useful to have as many of them as high as you can make them. There are two ways for you to increase your stats. The first is levelling; every time you go up a level, your stats increase. You cannot control which ones or by how much, this is automatic and the same for every character of any given career. The amount by which each stat increases differs depending on your chosen career. The second is through items, you can gain temporary boosts through potions and lesser talismans or buffs but the main source for stat bonuses is through acquiring more, powerful, magical gear.

Which stats you concentrate on is entirely up to you, but you will be limited to whatever bonuses the gear you have provides.


Strength is your character's brute physical power. Essentially: how hard they can hit things. This is an important stat for every melee class, but specifically for melee DPS classes. Strength has the following effects in the game:

  1. Increases melee auto attack damage.
  2. Increases melee ability damage.
  3. Increases auto attack speed by 0.1 second per point.
  4. Increases melee ability attack speed by 0.2 seconds per point.
  5. Strength also reduces your opponent's chance to block and parry your attacks.


Toughness is your character's pain threshold, his (or her) ability to take hits without being effected by them. In game terms this means that it has the following effect:

  1. Every five points of Toughness increases your damage reduction by 1. This applies to every type of damage you take.

Certain melee classes, such as the Witch Elf and Witch Hunter, have powerful debuffs that reduce toughness thus increasing the damage you take.


Wounds represent a given character's stamina, aka their hit-points. In game terms this means:

  1. For every wound you have your total hit-points increase by 10.


This is your character's ability to defend themselves from incoming attacks without the need for armour, essentially; your ability to avoid being hit and, at the very least, avoid having your skull broken open. This manifests in game mechanics with the following effects:

  1. Reduces your chance to be critically hit.
  2. Increases your chance to evade ranged attacks.

Weapon Skill

This is your character's finesse with their weapons (or hands!); their ability to hit the vital organs that your opponent is likely using as well as fend off incoming blows. Weapon Skill has the following effects:

  1. Increases Armour Penetration.
  2. Increases chance to Parry.

Ballistic Skill

This is probably the least used skill, only two careers specialize in it (the Squig Herder and Shadow Warrior) and most players consider it the least useful stat due to this. Ballistic Skill is a measurement of your character's aptitude with ranged and thrown weapons. The higher this stat gets the more likely your character is to hit that enemy hiding behind the keep ramparts rather than the menacing looking tree over to the right. In game terms you will experience the following effects:

  1. Increased auto attack damage with ranged weapons.
  2. Increased ability damage with ranged weapons.
  3. Decreased chance your attack will be blocked or evaded.


Are you a caster? Do you channel the winds of change? Or conjure fire using only your mind and a click of your fingers? In WAR, this statistic is not a measurement of your intellectual prowess but a determination of your ability to conjure hotter fire and bigger explosions. In game terms:

  1. Increases damage with mage abilities.
  2. Decreases your opponent's chance to disrupt your mage abilities.


If you are a healer, calling upon the winds of magic to nit broken bones and cauterize wounds, then you will not want to ignore Willpower. Your ability to heal under the duress of ferocious combat is calculated with this statistic. It also increases your chance to defend against your opponent's offensive magic. It has the following in game applications:

  1. Increases HPS (Healing per Second).
  2. Increases you chance to disrupt enemy magical abilities.
  3. Those are the eight basic statistics. There are also eight defensive statistics, which will be covered in part 2.


Michael Dennis