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Steed System II

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A skill is required to mount or “get on top of” the steed to be able to ride it around the Conquer Online maps. This skill is called “Riding”. Players learn this skill from the Mount Trainer located to the west of Twin City at (388,386) just outside the portal to the Stable. (The Mount Trainer stands beside the Zebra, one of the 5 rare breed of steeds and possibly the rarest.) Learning the skill isn’t free, it costs 50,000 silvers.

Once you have learned the “Riding” skill, it will be displayed in the skills menu by clicking the “Skill” tab at the bottom of the screen. It is represented by an icon showing a horseman. Select the skill and right click on the ground to mount the steed and right click again to get off. A steed must be equipped to mount it.


The movement of the steed is similar to that of a player. Clicking a point on the map with the cursor moves the mounted player toward that point. Holding Control (Ctrl) while clicking makes the steed move faster.

Quick movement of the steed is restricted by the vigor, which is the stamina of the steed. The vigor is shown as figures under a picture of a horse on the bottom-right corner of the screen while mounted. While moving the vigor gradually decreases and on reaching zero (0), the steed begins to slowly trot. The vigor, however, slowly regenerates when the steed stops moving. Therefore, the more vigor a steed possesses, the greater the distance it can cover before having to pause to regain stamina. The maximum vigor increases as the bonus level of the steed increases

A Steed can’t only be ridden on the outside of the cities. If a player wishes to ride his/her steed within a city, such as Twin City and Phoenix City, the steed needs to have a lineage level of four and higher. Players can mount within the Market only if they possess a steed of lineage level six and higher.

Riding Skills

Mount Trainer teaches two other skills to players for a named price. Both skills give players the ability to dismount other mounted players whose steed’s lineage level is lower than their steed’s level. Both skills appear in the skills menu along with the Riding skill.

The “Spook” skill dismounts a single mounted player and can be used once every 15 seconds. The skill can be learned for 100,000 silvers. The “War Cry” skill dismounts all mounted players within a range and can be used once every minute. This skill is taught for 1,000,000 silvers.

The skills have to be selected from the skills menu so that the icon appears in the Skill box.

For the Spook skill, right clicking on the ground of the map changes the screen mode where all players and monster become invisible excepting the mounted players that you are able to dismount using the skill. When the cursor is clicked on a visible player, he/she will be dismounted

For the War Cry skill, right clicking on the ground of the map activates the skill.


Breeding is important to successfully improve the status and performance of the steed, which will in turn improve the status of the player who equips it. Breeding is performed at the Breeder in the Stable at Twin City.

Two steeds are required to complete the breeding process (obviously); a Major and a Minor steed. The Major steed is the player’s main steed (the steed the player would like to improve), while the Minor steed is the one to be used to improve the Major Steed.

During the breeding process, the lineage from the Minor steed is transferred to the Major steed, thus increasing the lineage of the Major steed. When the lineage of the Major steed reaches a certain value, it will increase its lineage level. The number of lineage given to the Major steed depends only on the lineage level of the Minor steed.

Place the Major Steed in the square space marked “Major” and the Minor Steed in the square marked “Minor”. The bar that appears below the steed indicates the lineage level and the lineage of the Major Steed if the breeding process is confirmed by the player.

The lineage given to the Major steed by the Minor steed is as follows:

Lineage Level of Minor Steed Lineage Level of Major Steed



















Steeds with a lineage level of 9 and above can’t be used as a minor steed.

The following shows the number of lineage needed to increase the lineage level of the steed.

Progress of Lineage Level Lineage Required for Level Up

0 to 1


1 to 2


2 to 3


3 to 4


4 to 5


5 to 6


6 to 7


7 to 8


8 to 9


Breeding steeds to progress to lineage level 10 to 12 is done by other means.

Breeding steeds also allows players to acquire a new breed of steed. When breeding, players have a choice to either to maintain the breed of the Major steed by clicking “Original” or to choose a new breed, if any, by clicking “New.” Not all breeding processes allows for new breeds to be produced.

TQ Entertainment left its players with images of over 40 different breeds of steed and a Breeder to acquire the advertised breeds. With no more information provided it is left up to the Conquer Online community to figure out the means of getting all the different breeds of steed.


Kayama Mitoshima