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Stamina, Free League, Guilds and Nations, Oh My.

Dennis Carney Posted:
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Welcome back travelers! I see that you have begun your journey throughout the world of Atlantica, and you are looking for more in-depth information on the economy, and features available to you.

I had a feeling that you would be back, so I wrote this guide to assist you in your query.

Many people begin traveling in Atlantica, and start to wonder what that weird number is on the right side of their screen.


That, my friends, is the Stamina counter. For each battle you enter, it takes one stamina away from that counter. Stamina gives you three times the amount of Experience gained, and double the chance to pick up items. When the number depletes to zero, you lose those two bonuses and it becomes very difficult to gain experience or items.

But do not fret! There are ways to regain your stamina over time.

First, let's start with Stamina regeneration over time. Every ten minutes that your character is out of battle, you regain one stamina point. This is good for people who tend to go AFK for long periods of time.

If you are in a party of at least two people, you still use one stamina point per battle, but you regain one stamina point per two battles, so you actually can get double the points in a party of two. In a party of three, you regain two stamina points per three battles.

Also, you can regain stamina points by sharing information or giving a gift five times per day. Or you can regain stamina by fighting in Free League. With this method, you can regain three stamina points per battle, as many times as needed!

Free League

On that note, let's take a look at Free League! Also known to many in Atlantica as FL abbreviated, this is the main PVP system used by anyone who wishes to test their skill. FL is sorted by ranks ranging from rank 18 (lowest) to rank one (highest), and by titles gained by increasing your Fame. Fame can be gained from each battle, and is sorted by rank as well. Ranging from Soldier (lowest) to General (highest). Once you first start Free League, you will quickly realize how the rules change. Equipment matters less, and skill matters more. I am not trying to scare our newer adventurers, because you have to remember that the people you are fighting are pretty much at the same level you are. Starting Free League around level 50 is suggested, but if you want to start earlier, you are more than welcome to try! All in all, Free League is a very fun way to enjoy the game when you aren't grinding out quests for the 10th hour straight! And I almost forgot to mention, you receive rewards exchangeable for money whether you win or lose!


The next aspect that we should talk about is joining a Guild.

After you have traveled for a bit, you may start to feel a little lonely in this big ol' world. That is where guilds come into play.

Hundreds of guilds are waiting for new adventurers such as yourselves. If you are not currently in a guild, a button appears on the right side of your screen. It shows you all of the guilds that are currently looking for new members, and provides a brief description of each. Joining a guild can be beneficial for everyone. You may find yourself in a guild that enjoys providing help for the newer generations. They may help you on quests, provide free items for increasing your level, and sharing valuable information on monsters you may be fighting. As for when you attain a higher level, you may even join in what is called a Guild Dungeon. It is just as it sounds. The guild takes qualified members into an instanced dungeon, and tries to fill certain requirements to complete it. Most Guild Dungeons have a limit of two hours, but if you complete it, the Guild Leader is rewarded with item boxes, which he distributes among the participating members.

Some guilds may even have joined a Nation! What is a Nation? Well, it is basically a collection of guilds that have banded together in alliance. Nations can house up to 10 guilds, and each guild can hold a possible 50 members each.


Nations can also attempt what are called Nation Dungeons. They are almost the same as Guild Dungeons, except any member of that Nation, regardless of guild, can join. Just be sure that you are high enough level to join. Nation Dungeons are much tougher than Guild Dungeons, because the difficulty, and amount of monsters have been scaled to fit the large increase in participating members. The reward system is pretty much the same. The Nation's King is given item boxes to distribute among all of the participating nation members.

Now that we are talking about attaining higher levels, we should bring out the subject of Independent Dungeons.

These dungeons are much like Guild Dungeons, and Nation Dungeons, except they are much smaller, and easier.

The only down side is that only three members can join. They have to be partied together, and you can only complete one Independent Dungeon every 20 hours. You have to be at least level 90 to start your first Independent Dungeon. More dungeons become available as you level up. The levels that you can join new Dungeons is : 90, 94, 98, 101, and 105.

The rules for these dungeons are simple: Kill all of the monsters before time expires. Once you complete the dungeon, you are mailed an item from which you can obtain special equipment. These dungeons are a great way to gain experience and items.


Dennis Carney