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Clarence Krueger II Posted:
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One of the more unique features of ATITD involves the monuments. In each telling the citizens of Egypt strive to achieve the raising of seven monuments. This goal is no easy task. In ATITD there are seven disciplines with seven tests to each discipline. These seven disciplines include: Architect, Art & Music, Body, Harmony, Leadership, Thought, and Worship. In each discipline there are seven tests and seven related ranks. These ranks in order are; Student, Prentice, Journeyman, Scribe, Master, Sage, and Pharaoh's Oracle. The overall goal for any telling is to have at least one citizen of Egypt achievement rank of Oracle for each discipline. This is just the beginning of the task. Once an Egyptian achieves rank of Oracle in a discipline, they receive the option to build a monument. This is a major undertaking that involves all members of the discipline in all ranks. In all, one hundred and twenty seven people are needed to build one monument. This must include the Oracle who will design and organize the building of the monument. Furthermore, there must also be two Sages, four Masters, eight Scribes, sixteen Journeyman, thirty-two Prentices, and sixty-four Students.

The first step to building a monument requires achieving the one hundred and twenty seven required players, of the appropriate rank, from amongst Egypt's population. The next requirement is to conceive, discuss, and develop a feasible and appropriate test for the related discipline, which will be passed onto the next generation. This step usually is developed and discussed amongst the higher ranks of the discipline, but all ranks have a say in the final design. An oracle is tasked with choosing a test design that is well balanced; that is suitable for implementation; and must be supported by all one hundred and twenty seven members of the monument. Once these goals are obtained, the disciples must then work together to build the monuments physical presence. This is yet another major undertaking. A monument requires an enormous quantity of resources. Sometimes even requiring more than just the one hundred and twenty seven disciples; to gather, raise, and manufacture the large number and quantity of resources. Each discipline's monument requirements are unique to that discipline's field, and are unknown until an oracle attempts to build a monument. Once a monument construction site is raised, the disciples have thirty days to finish and raise the monument before the construction site collapses. If the need arises, the disciples can add a portion of the required materials to extend the timer back to a full thirty days.

The dream is that each generation will achieve and raise a monument for each of the seven disciplines. Thus leaving a legacy to future generations and leading the current generation into the Golden Age. Each completed monument is forever inscribed with the text of the related test, and includes the name of every player who was involved in its creation and completion. Failure is not without consequences though. Failure to raise, design, and achieve full backing by disciples, leads to catastrophe and an age of hardship. As well as leaving each unfinished discipline with no legacy for its future generations.

After the Tale has ended, and shortly after the start of the next Tale, a player meet is held. The designers of the test for each discipline/monument are invited to attend the player meet in Pittsburgh. All fans of ATITD are invited to attend. During this weekend player meet, all attendees gather together with the developers and designers of ATITD to discuss their monument's test idea. Test merits are discussed as well as implementation and possible problems. Test rewards, if any, are considered as well as hammering out any possible problems. This gives the developers a chance to meet the players of the game and vice a versa. It's not all work and no play though; the evenings are filled with camaraderie and unique events. The developers of ATITD know how to have fun!

The developers then work on the player's test ideas and develop them for implementation for the next tale. The player designed test from each completed monument then replaces one of the previous generation's tests with the players monument designed test. This leads to each telling having new and unique tests designed by your fellow members.

Around six months into the new Tale, the event to raise the monuments from the sands of time arrives. This includes all completed monuments from all previous Tales. For Tale 4, this encompassed nineteen monuments. There were seven monuments from Tale 1, as well as, one monument from the German version of ATITD. (The German version of ATITD lasted just the first Tale. In Tale 2 the US and German servers were joined together.) Also included are the four monuments from Tale 2 and the seven monuments from Tale 3. Saturday, May 16th, Egypt and her fellow citizens searched for, and raised the monuments built by our ancestors.

Uncovering the monuments requires the participants to first acquire an Archeologists Shovel. Participants then scour Egypt's landscape searching for the buried monuments. Monuments are usually found within a small range of their location from the previous Tales; taking into account some drifts and changes in the landscape. Once the monument has been found, the citizens of Egypt work together as a whole to uncover them. Raising each monument is a fairly extensive project. It requires a large group of people, some food, and good quality archeologist's shovels; even then it can require a couple of hours to fully excavate the monument. As the participants dig around the monument, it slowly raises from the sand of Egypt until its full glory is revealed. Successful completion is accompanied with music that is heard by all citizens of Egypt as each monument is raised. As part of the event, numerous participation prizes were handed out, including special fishing poles, miner's pick, cornerstones and more. It was an enjoyable event, and was a great time visiting with fellow citizens of Egypt, and working in cooperation toward mutual goals.

Now that all of the monuments have been raised, the tests from the previous Tales, and more specifically, the test from the last Tale, will soon be released to challenge a new generation of Egyptians. This includes The Test of the Library for Architect, The Test of Orchestra for Art & Music, The Test of the Ritual Tattoo for Body, The Weighing of the Heart for Harmony, The Test of Retired Pirates for Leadership, Hexiglyphics for Thought, and Remembrance Ceremony for Worship.


Clarence Krueger II