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Love is in the Air Event

Deborah Dietrich Posted:
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WoW: Love is in the Air

MMORPG.com World of Warcraft Correspondent Deborah Deitrich writes this look at WoW's upcoing Valentine's Day Event.

Hello young lovers, wherever you are. Your holiday event is upon us. Beginning at 6 AM on Wednesday, February 11 and continuing until 6 AM on Monday, February 16 is World of Warcraft's "Love is in the Air" event. This is a short event; only 5 days in length, so those who want to complete the Fool for Love achievement associated with this event can't dawdle. Due to its abbreviated timeframe and the fact that this event occurs during a 3-day holiday weekend when some of those young lovers and not-so-young lovers may be leaving for a romantic getaway, this could be the event that is the spoiler for many who were hoping to attain the "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" achievement within a one year time frame. Well, real life trumps the virtual. I know I'll be away with my sweetie for most of that time.

"Love is in the Air" is one of the events required to complete the "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" and the payoff for that achievement is a Violet Proto-Drake, a super fast mount. If you haven't been paying attention to the event achievements, maybe this is the time to start. It will take an entire year to get them all done, if you're lucky. If you're not lucky, there's always next year.

Some of the luck has been removed. You no longer need to score a Peddlefeet mini-pet or obtain a Lovely Black Dress to complete the "Fool for Love" achievement. Considering the rarity of the Peddlefeet and Black Dress drops, that is a relief for us achievement junkies. Getting those items is still an individual achievement, but they are no longer a requirement for "Fool for Love."

There is still plenty to achieve, however, and it will take a chunk of time. The first thing you'll want to do is buy perfume or cologne and Love Tokens. These are sold by the innkeepers in the major Old Word cities, at a very reasonable price. Perfume makes you attractive to male NPCs. Cologne will attract the ladies. While wearing your chosen fragrance approach any NPC, of the appropriate gender for your fragrance choice. Talk to them and give them a Love Token. In return, they will usually give you a Gift of Adoration. This heart shaped box will contain several gift items. These gifts are needed to fulfill the requirements for many of the event's achievements. If you give your Love Token to a Guard, he will usually reciprocate with a Pledge of Adoration, which contains similar items.

Once you have received a Gift or Pledge of Adoration, you have a 60 minute Adored debuff. You cannot receive a Gift or Pledge of Adoration until the debuff wears off. You can give Love Tokens before the debuff is off, and you will receive lesser quest items, but none of the special "toys."

Occasionally, your Love Token will be rejected. Instead of receiving a gift, you will become Heartbroken. This is a one hour debuff, which will prevent you from getting any gifts or pledges until it wears off or is removed by another player. One of the items that is found in the Gift of Adoration is an unbestowed friendship bracelet. If another player mends your heart with a friendship bracelet it will remove the Heartbroken debuff and give you another chance to try for a Gift of Adoration. This makes it advantageous to try for Gifts of Adoration in populated cities. Then if you find yourself heartbroken you can usually find a kind soul to give you a friendship bracelet. In Thunderbluff at 5AM in the morning, you may find it challenging to find another player to remove the debuff, should your Token of Love be rejected.

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The achievements that fulfill the Fool for Love achievement are as follows:


To attain the "Heartmender" achievement you must remove the Heartbroken debuff from 20 players. The friendship bracelets needed to remove the debuff are found in the Gifts of Adoration. This achievement should certainly make it easier to mend a broken heart.


Shoot 10 players with a Silver Shafted Arrow. These arrows are a common drop from the Gifts and Pledges of Adoration. Shooting a player gives them a temporary Peddlefeet pet. Be sure the person you are targeting does not have a mini-pet out or it will not count.

Flirt with Disaster

To achieve "Flirt with Disaster," you must douse yourself with fragrance and get drunk. If you are Horde, you'll travel to Undercity and find Jeremiah Payson, the cockroach vendor. If you are Alliance, you'll travel to Ironforge and look for Srazz, the gnomish pie vendor who wanders around the Great Forge. Once you find the appropriate npc, you'll target him and shower him with a Handful of Rose Petals (found in Gifts or Pledges of Adoration or from the quest, Gift Giving). Then /kiss him.


Find someone who has placed a Romantic Picnic in Dalaran. This is an uncommon drop from the Adoration gift boxes. Once you /sit, be sure to click on the picnic basket.

Nearest and Dearest

Complete the quest line starting with "Dangerous Love." This is a FedEx quest line.

For the Horde, give Tokens of Love to Guardians until one s you a Guardian's Moldy Card, which starts the quest. Bring the card to Fendstad Argyle, located at 66'44 in the Undercity. He'll give you the quest "Fendstad's Hunch," to bring a bottle of perfume and a bottle of cologne to Apothecary Zinge at 50'68. "Zinge's Assessment" will send you back to Fendstad, who will give you the quest "Tracing the Source," which involves speaking with Innkeeper Norman at 67'38. Norman will then send you to talk to Mara Rennick at the Tailor Shop in the Mage Quarter (70'30). The final quest in the chain is "The Source Revealed." Fly to the Hillsbrad foothills and speak with Apothecary Staffron Lerent (89'75), behind Ravenhholdt Manor. At the last quest, be sure to click the cauldron.

For the Alliance, Give Tokens of Love to guards until they give you a Stormwind Guard's Card. Take this to Aristan Mottar who stands in the square in front of the inn, near the bank. He will give you the quest "Aristan's Hunch." Take a perfume and a cologne bottle to Morgan Pester at 63'75 in the Trade District. He will give you the quest Morgan's Discovery, which will take you back to Aristan Mottar. The next two quests are "Tracing the Source." First you will speak to Innkeeper Allison at the Gilded Rose Inn in the Trade District. She will send you to speak with Evert Sorisem at The Finest Thread shop, along the canal. The final quest in the chain is "The Source Revealed." Fly to the Hillsbrad foothills and speak with Apothecary Staffron Lerent (89'75), behind Ravenhholdt Manor. At the last quest, be sure to click the cauldron.

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The Rocket's Pink Glare

You'll need to shoot off 10 Love Rockets within 20 seconds or less. The Love Rockets are found in the Gift/Pledges of Adoration. They come in stacks of 5 so you'll need to get two stacks.

Nation of Adoration

Obtain a Gift of Adoration for each of the major Old World cities for your Faction. Horde will need to obtain their Gifts of Adoration in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff and Undercity. Alliance will obtain theirs in Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind.

Fistful of Love

A Handful of Rose Petals is a common drop from the Gifts and Pledges of Adoration. Target a player and right click on the petals to shower them. You must shower the following race/class combos with petals: Gnome Warlock, Night Elf Priest, Tauren Druid, Undead Warrior, Draenei Paladin, Human Death Knight, Orc Shaman, Troll Rogue, Blood Elf Mage and Dwarf Hunter.

Sweet Tooth

Eat the following candies: Buttermilk Delight, Dark Desire, Sweet Surprise and Very Berry Cream. These candies are found in a Box of Chocolates. A Box of Chocolates is one of the gifts contained in a Gift or Pledge of Adoration. This item has around a 20% drop rate.

Be Mine!

A Bag of Candy is a common drop from the Adoration boxes. Each bag has 10 charges, which will make a heart shaped candy with a romantic saying. Create candies with the following sayings: Be Mine, I'll follow you all around Azeroth, All yours, I'm all yours, Hot Lips, You're Mine, You're the best and I LOVE YOU.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

This achievement is Blizz's salute to the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. You'll need to obtain a Bouquet of Ebon Roses or a Bouquet of Red Roses. These will drop from the Maiden of Grief in the Halls of Stone, Prince Keleseth in Utgarde Keep and Prince Taldaram in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom.

I Pitied the Fool

A Love Fool is another common drop from the Adoration gift boxes. Drop a Love Fool, target it and /pity in the following locations: Wintergrasp, Arathi Basin blacksmith, Naxxramas, the Battle Ring of the Gurubashi Arena and the Culling of Stratholme.

So come on, McLovein. Douse yourself with cologne, get yourself some Love Tokens and set out to woo and win the hearts of Azeroth. Good luck to all. *exits in a shower of rose petals*


Deborah Dietrich