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Less than a year out from its initial launch, Perfect World has already seen two expansions and an exponential growth of players.

One of the systems that makes Perfect World International stand apart from most MMORPGs is its mounts system. Similar to other MMOs, there are both ground and flying mounts. However, Perfect World is unique in that flying mounts are combat enabled. This unlocks an entirely new style of combat and adds a new dimension to PvP.

Characters first gain access to flight at level 30, with the exception of the Winged Elf race. Winged Elves are able to fly at level 1, however, their wings will consume mana until they reach level 30.

To unlock flight, characters must undertake their race’s flying mount quest. After a character has obtained their flying mount, they can fly anywhere and everywhere, with no penalty to their mana pool.

Each race has their own unique mode of air transportation:

Humans (Blademasters and Wizards) use Flying Swords. Their starting mount is a magical sword called Celestial Fly.

Untamed (Barbarians and Venomancers) ride Flying Beasts. Their starting mount is a giant stingray called Wave Pacer.

Winged Elves (Archer and Cleric) have Wings. Their starting set is called Eagle’s Wing, which you may be able to guess, look like Eagle wings.

Once your character has taken to the skies, you will notice entirely new sets of flying mobs to battle. Flying monsters actually give players 1.5 times the normal experience points you get from fighting ground based creatures. Flight is also conversely the best for avoiding mobs as you travel—go as high as possible, set your destination and off you go!

In keeping with the spirit of customization possible in Perfect World International, players are not stuck with one flying mount—there are many options to choose from if you want to change your ride. Perhaps you are a Blademaster who would like the glow of your Flying Sword to match the refining glow of your armor. Or a Cleric who wishes to cultivate a cute and dainty appearance can choose the Sparklebright butterfly wings.

Check out some examples below how Flying Mounts can add another layer of customization:

With multiple Flying Mounts to choose from, players can be sure to find something to fit perfectly with a Fashion outfit. And with the robust player economy of cash shop users and non-cash shop users, everyone one—spender or not—has access to the variety of Flying Mounts available in Perfect World International.

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