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Factions, UI and PvP

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Fallen Earth Factions, UI and PvP

At the Game Developer’s Conference, we ran into the guys from Fallen Earth who gave us kind of a whirlwind tour of their game. In this part of our guided tour through the game, we learn about the game's factions, user interface, missions and PvP.


What would a post-apocalyptic world be like if the few people that remained didn't split off into their own factions and make war with one another? A pretty darned boring post-apocalyptic world if you ask me. Fortunately, the team over at Fallen Earth has taken this into account, providing six factions for the game. below, please find three examples:

Lightbearers - believe that the mutations caused by the virus are actually a faster path to enlightenment. There are some within this faction who believe that the mutant population should simply rid the world of the non-mutant humans who are slowing down the enlightenment process.

Enforcers - The law and order faction. These guys are made up of what remained of the military. They want to restore the old world.

C.H.O.T.A. - The obligatory anarchist faction that arises from the ruins of a civilization.

Each faction has ally factions. Basically, if the philosophies mesh, an alliance may have formed. Along with that, you've also got factions that are on opposite sides. C.H.O.D.A., for example, is at war with the Enforcers... Law vs. Chaos.


The UI is a pretty standard MMO UI with a toolbar across the bottom, a mini-map in the top right hand corner. The toolbar can be dragged out to expand the number of slots that you have available. All of the elements of the UI are moveable and can have their transparencies altered.


There are roughly 6,000 missions in the game right now, over three sectors and 70 towns. Mission types are fairly varied and can range anywhere from your standard kill quests, fed ex and scavenger hunt style missions to Hammock's personal favourite, the raid mission where NPCs will help you to attack an enemy camp. At the moment, there are roughly 25 different kinds of mission in the game.


The game's PvP system looks to try to encourage players to get involved, but isn't meant to be punitive. You can't, for example, loot another fallen player. Full loot PvP, they felt, would discourage many players from participating.

All PvP in the game is zone based, so if you're walking into a zone flagged for PvP, a warning will come across your screen letting you know what you're getting yourself into. Basically, if you don't want to PvP, stay out of the PvP zone.

It should also be noted that once you're in the PvP zone, you're fair game for anyone. There are no action limitations on the PvP, and you have to be careful of where you're shooting... accidentally shooting your allies is always a possibility (as, I suppose, is shooting your allies on purpose).

When you die in PvP, you re-spawn in a safe zone. This, we were told, should cut own on incidents of griefing.

You can check out exactly what the game's Lead Designer had to say on these subjects by watching the video below:

UI, Factions, and PvP

In part three of our look at Fallen Earth with Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock, he tells us about the game's factions, customizable UI, and PvP.

UI, Factions, and PvP

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