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Warzones and Crafting Overview

EA recently revealed the first solid details on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s PvP and crafting features as part of its annual Winter Showcase in London. Read below for a breakdown of the details.

Traits Overview

Guild Wars 2 Game Designer Ben Miller provided us with an overview of the Traits system in Guild Wars 2, and MMMORPG.com's Michael Bitton breaks it down for us.

ArenaNet Reveals Personal Story System Details

MMORPG.com's Michael Bitton breaks down the personal story system details revealed by ArenaNet's Lead Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee today.

Dynamic Events Detailed

MMORPG.com's News Manager Michael Bitton summarizes a very interesting developer journal over at the official Guild Wars 2 site detailing the game's dynamic events system.

Thinking With Wormholes

MMORPG.com EVE Online writer Phil Wallace details his team's experiences working and living on the other side of a wormhole for 11 months in search of fun and profit.

Five Nations

Recently, Aika Community Manager Christina Kelly spelled out a little bit about each of the game's five nations for our own Garrett Fuller.

Becoming a Soccer Star

MMORPG.com Free Realms Correspondent Pamela Blalock writes this look at the new soccer mini-game and offers tips on how to become a "soccer star."

Crafting is Good. Could it Be Better?

MMORPG.com Fallen Earth Correspondent Paul Cox writes this look at the Fallen Earth crafting system as it stands today and asks a few questions about whether or not it could be improved in implementation.

The Evolution of Raiding

MMORPG.com World of Warcraft Correspondent Siji Ibikunle wrties this look at the evolution of the raiding system in Blizzard's hit game.

An Early Look at Crafting

MMORPG.com Fallen Earth Correspondent Dave Yerxa writes this look at the early crafting game in Icarus Studios' post-apocalyptic MMO.

Mission Architect XP Changes and the Value of Story

MMORPG.com City of Heroes Correspondent Cecil Adkins writes this look at the recent changes to the XP system for Mission Architect, how they affect the use of the system and the players that use it.

EVE As A Social Game - New Eden

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood writes this look at how CCP is expanding their game and its marketing to highlight the social aspects of their sandbox, including the introduction of a new social tool known as New Eden.

Be Like Columbus - Wormhole Exploration

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Kevin Schram writes this look at wormholes and wormhole exploration introduced with the Apocrypha expansion to CCP's sandbox MMO.

Have it your Way - Customization

MMORPG.com Champions Online Correspondent C.A. Thomas writes this look at customization in Cryptic Studios' new superhero MMO.

Sovereignty Changes

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Kevin Schram writes this in-depth look at the changes coming to the game's sovereignty system.