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Swords of Legends Online Articles

Swords of Legends Online Receives World and Lore Trailer

Swords of Legends Online is set to boast an impressive world when it releases in the West later this year. We now have a shiny new trailer showing off this world and what you can expect as you set off to explore, defeat enemies, and conquer.

New Swords of Legends Online Interview Talks Leveling, Class Areas and Endgame

In a new interview, Gameforge is pullin the veil back a bit on the upcoming MMORPG, Swords of Legends Online. In the interview, the team talks a bit about leveling, endgame and how class areas work.

Swords of Legends Online Will Feature A Battle Pass, Showcases Class Gameplay, Shop And More In First Stream

Swords of Legends Online showcased a bit of its gameplay and features in its first stream today. One of the major announcements was that the upcoming MMO will have a battle pass with both a premium and free tier.

Here's Your Exclusive Reveal of Swords of Legends Online Spearmaster Class

We've got an exclusive reveal of the Spearmaster class for Swords of Legends Online for you this morning. Read on for some additional details on this melee class.

Swords of Legends Online Showcases Its Summoner Support Class In Latest Preview

Swords of Legends Online has been revealing a new class every day this week, capping off the work week with its support and pet class, The Summoner.

Swords Of Legends Online Unveils Another Class, This Time The Music-Wielding Bard

Swords of Legends Online is continuing its week of class reveals, showcasing the next class on its list: the Bard. The Bard class sees players deal damage from afar or heal allies, depending on the mastery they choose to pursue.

Swords of Legends Online Details Its Magic Sword-Wielding Spellsword Class

Another day, another class breakdown from Swords of Legends Online. Since being announced last week that the Chinese MMORPG was making its way to the West, publisher Gameforge has been on a tear, revealing each of the classes players can check out in the upcoming MMO. This time it's the magic and sword-wielding Spellsword.

Swords of Legends Online Details Berserker In Latest Class Breakdown

Swords of Legends Online is continuing its breakdown of the classes players can take the role of in the upcoming MMORPG. Today the team at Gameforge showcased the melee Berserker class.

Swords Of Legends Online Details Its Reaper Class

Swords of Legends Online is starting to detail its new MMO coming to the West and it's starting with some class reveals. The Reaper is up first, brinigng its hybrid-DPS role to the fore.

Gameforge Bringing Swords of Legends Online to the West Later This Year

Gameforge is a publisher you are no doubt familiar with as they are a major Western publisher for several MMOs like AION, TERA, and many others. And it seems like they are working to bring the Asian RPG series Guijan to the West later this year as Swords of Legends Online (SOLO). Here are the details.