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Swords of Legends Online Articles

Swords of Legends Online Removes Soul Qi Pet Leveling System, Adds Catch-Up for Items Bug

You'll no longer have to feed pets to gain Soul Qi to level skills in Swords of Legends Online. The latest update also fixes bugs and adds a catch-up for a recent items bug.

Fight to Stop the Demon Army in Swords of Legends Online's Newest Raid, Langquan Bridge

Swords of Legends Online is continuing to expand The Firestone Legacy, with the addition of a brand new raid: Langquan Bridge. The demon army is trying to breach Lanquan and you're getting in its way.

Swords of Legends Online Opens New PvP Season and Adds Hard Mode for Three Firestone Legacy Dungeons

A new PvP season, Starfire, is now live for Swords of Legends Online. The new update also adds hard mode for the first three new dungeons from The Firestone Legacy update.

SOLO's The Firestone Legacy Update Is Now Live, Brings New Classes, Free-To-Play And More

The long-awaited update to Swords of Legends Online, The Firestone Legacy, is now live today. With the update, the MMORPG shifts to free-to-play, brings new zones, and more to players eager to explore the eastern MMO.

Swords of Legends Online Delays The Firestone Legacy By a Week, Promises a Balance Update Too

Swords of Legends Online will get the Firestone Legacy update (and its F2P conversion) a week later than originally expected, on March 3rd. The delay also included news of extra balance and QoL changes coming too.

Get a Peek at the First Three Dungeons and New Raid in Swords of Legends Online: The Firestone Legacy

Swords of Legends Online is getting a huge update with The Firestone Legacy. Now, we have a peek at the first three dungeons coming in the update, along with the first new raid.

Swords of Legends Online Adds New Tanky, Crystal Sword Weilding Warrior Class With Firestone Legacy Update

Ahead of the upcoming release of Swords of Legends Online Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, Gameforge is showing off the second of its new character classes to come to the MMORPG. The Warrior is a tank and DPS class, able to turn its body as hard as stone itself.

Swords Of Legends Online's New Fox Mage Class Brings The Heals With The Firestone Legacy Update

Swords of Legends Online is gearing up for what is its largest update yet in The Firestone Legacy, which hits PC on February 24th. The update will bring with it the newest class to come to SOLO: The Fox Mage.

Swords of Legends Online Going Free to Play With February's The Firestone Legacy Expansion

Swords of Legends Online will be going free to play next month, alongside the release of The Firestone Legacy, the game's first expansion.

Celebrate Chinese New Year and Prepare for a New Extreme Raid in Swords of Legends Online

Swords of Legends Online's latest update for the game brings the Chinese New Year festival, as well as a new raid difficulty, and a changes to help players through the end of the current PvP season.

Swords of Legends Online adds Hard Mode Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace Raid

The latest Swords of Legends Online is the first content update of 2022, And at the center of the update is the new hard mode raid, as well as a few changes and fixes.

Swords of Legends Online Kicks off Winter Events And Gets Ready for Hard Mode Sparkwood Gardens

Swords of Legends Online's update is here to usher in the winter events as well as set up the game for the arrival of the next hard raid, Sparkwood Gardens, at the end of the month. 

New Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace Raid Opens in Swords of Legends Online

The latest update for Swords of Legends Online brings the new raid, Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace. This raid brings four new bosses, additional item drops, and more.

Swords of Legends Online Getting First Christmas Event and Sparkwood Gardens Hard Raid

The holiday season is upon us, and that means more and more events to celebrate and have some fun and close out the year. Swords of Legends Online is getting into the festive season with new events, a wintery theme, new events and more.

Swords of Legends Online Adds Sparkwood Gardens Raid, and New Event Begins

Swords of Legends Online adds the first raid of the Forbidden Court, The Sparkwood Gardens, along with localization and bug fixes, and the beginnings of a new event.