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You Can Now Impersonate Drizzt Do'Urden Thanks to New Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Thanks to the arrival of the Sword Coast Legends Community Pack 2, players can now choose to impersonate D&D's iconic Drizzt Do'Urden now that the Drow are available as a sub-race. The update is now live and comes packed with so much goodness that it's simply better to let a video speak the thousand words.

Drow [New Playable Sub-Race]: Players can now create characters using drow elf sub-race. Players who choose to roll a drow character will also gain access to unique the drow specific racial abilities offaerie fire and darkness. Lolth the Spider Queen will also be selectable as a deity for players who don’t like to play nice.

Death Changes: Numerous options have been added to alter the impact of death and dying in SCL.

  • Stabilize Improvements
    • Stabilize will take longer to perform (about 50% longer) and will now have a visual bar to indicate progress 
    • Stabilize will now be interrupted if the player performing when the ability takes damage(This can be disabled from the options menu).
  • "Hardcore" Options
    • Option to disallow Stabilize during combat.
    • Option for party wipes in Dungeon Crawl games to reset the dungeon and completely return players to the party camp (This can be enabled from the DM Board in the camp while setting up your dungeon).

Loot Changes: We’ve added individual loot as an option! Now you can pick up and keep anything you find without feeling guilty about it. Players who prefer traditional D&D shared loot can play that way too. Players will now be able to choose which type of looting that they would like in their games. The new option of individual loot means that players will only see items that they themselves can pick up and will not see the option to loot items designated for other players. In multiplayer games, players will see which looting option has been chosen by the game host in the server browser. .

New Placeable Objects: Over 170 new placeable objects [full list link] have been added for Dungeon Masters to use in their modules

Read the full update notes on the Sword Coast Legends site.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom