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Update Deployed - Placeables & Monster Abilities to Terrify

Catherine Daro Posted:
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Sword Coast Legends players will want to check into game in order to download and install the newly-released Community Pack #1. Among several bug fixes and feature enhancements, players can look forward to over 150 new DM placeables, new companion-specific skill trees and 100 new monster abilities for DMs to torment their players with.

Among other cool new things, check this out:

Player Stash: Is your bag of holding finally getting full? We have a solution!

The existing Guild Chest has now become a Stash for players. Non-quest items the character is carrying around can now be added to this stash and accessed later. The stash has a limit of 100 item slots, but no weight limit. All entitlement items will now appear in your stash when you start the game as well.

The Stash operates similarly to the Vendor UI players are already familiar with. You can double click to add and remove items from your stash. You can also now destroy items from within your stash. Note that these items will be gone FOREVER, so please use with caution.

The stash is account based, allowing players to trade items between their characters if they so wish.

Read the full update notes on the Sword Coast Legends site.


Catherine Daro