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Sword Coast Legends Articles

Headstart 5 to Go Live Today

The Sword Coast Legends team has sent out a new Twitter post to let early access owners know that Headstart 5 is set to go live today. It is a fairly large download that incorporates feature enhancements, bug fixes and more.

Introducing the Cast of Characters – Part One

It’s been kept pretty tightly under wraps, but the Sword Coast Legends single-player campaign is tied closely to WotC’s overall plans with D&D. To get you prepped for the cast of characters you’re going to meet with the story, we’ve got these exclusive bios of the cast. Today we’re meeting four of the eight main characters you’ll fight alongside. So buckle up and dig in!

Monster Journals - The Vrock and the Otyugh

We've shown off a lot of Sword Coast Legends' more prominent and known monsters this week, but today, we're getting weird with the Vrock and the Otyugh. Seriously, these are not your typical D&D monsters. Read on for the details on the winged harpy-like Vrock and the nasty bulbous Otyugh!

Monster Journals - The Duergar and the Drow

Sword Coast Legends, due out at the end of this month, sports a lot of the creatures from Dungeons and Dragons' illustrious history. But, unlike most RPGs, you can actually play as these monsters should you decide to take on the role of Dungeon Master, in our third of a series today we're pulling back the veil on the Duergar and the Drow... two races you'll face deep in the Underdark of the Sword Coast.

Monster Journals - Gelatinous Cube & Wererat Revealed

Today, we’re continuing our look at the monsters of Sword Coast Legends, due out later this month. There are a whole host of baddies you’ll be playing against as heroes, and as when you’re the Dungeon Master. Today, we’re shining a light on the Gelatinous Cube and the Wererat!

Monster Journals - Beholder & Troll Revealed

The beauty of Sword Coast Legends is that not only will players control their own characters, but if they're playing Dungeon Master, they'll be able to control a whole cadre of monstrous beings pull straight from pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be doing some deep dives in to some of these monsters. Today, we're starting with the wondrous and terrible Beholder, and the monstrously strong Troll. Read on!

Launch Date Delayed to October 20th

n-Space and Digital Extremes have announced that the launch date for the upcoming D&D based title, Sword Coast Legends, has been pushed back. Originally scheduled for retail launch on September 29th, the new date will arrive on October 20th. The team wrote that the game "needs a little more time in the oven...a few more days on the vine...a wee bit more cowbell!"

So Much to Look Forward To - An Interview with Dan Tudge

Head starts and an upcoming launch aside, Dan Tudge took time this morning to chat with us about Sword Coast Legends. After playing in the head start last weekend we had some questions for Dan surrounding what the team is working on in these final weeks and what their plans are for after the game launches.

2 Hours of Player-Made Campaigns and DM Mode!

Come watch as Bill Murphy, Hive Leader, and Sword Coast CM Ash Sevilla tackle some player-made dungeons and try out DM mode!

See Bill Get Swallowed by a Gelatinous Cube TONIGHT!

Well, we can't truthfully promise that Bill will be pwned by a Gelatinous Cube, but we can say that he will be on hand with Sword Coast Legends Community Manager Ash Devilla during a special live stream event beginning at 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern.

Character Creation Live!

The Sword Coast Team returns from PAX: Prime - This week we highlight Sword Coast Legends character creation and show you a bit of the player campaign in action.

To Be the DM

In the meeting halls of the Grand Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle last weekend Rob Lashley sat down to play Sword Coast Legends for the first time. He was limited in time, only 20 minutes, but these are his first impressions as playing as the DM.

PAX Prime 2015 Trailer

On September 29th embark on epic single and multiplayer RPG adventure set in Dungeons & Dragons' Forgotten Realms.

Pre-Order Customers to Get Early Access

Folks who have preordered Sword Coast Legends will have a trio of opportunities to check out the game in special head start events. Two of the events will be held for players who preordered the collector's or campaign collector's editions and two will be for all customers who preordered any version of the game.

Full Gamescom Gameplay Demo

Here is an extended look at the Sword Coast Legends Gamescom 2015 Press demo! Included is a sneak peek at custom player characters, the Lost Mines tile-set and The Beholder, one of Dungeons & Dragons most iconic monsters. In this demo, Design director Tim Schwalk and Community Manager Ash Sevilla show off SCL’s DM tools in action and challenge the n-Space QA team on their adventure through the mysterious ‘Lair of the Watcher’. Pre-order now! - https://swordcoast.com/preorder Subs