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Console Version Launches with Rage of Demons DLC

Digital Extremes has announced that Sword Coast Legends has officially launched for XBox One and PlayStation 4. The console version is celebrated by including the Rage of Demons DLC for free. XBox One and PlayStation 4 players can grab a copy of the game for digital download for $19.99.

Free Rage of Demons DLC Released for PC

Digital Extremes has sent word that Sword Coast Legends has been updated with the free DLC called Rage of Demons. The new content includes a brand new story campaign that sees experienced players traveling alongside Drizzt Do'Urden. In addition, DMs will have a lot more tools at their disposal as well as new tilesets, monsters, decorations and much more.

n-Space Closes After 21 Years, Console Release Still a Go

Sword Coast Legends developer n-Space has closed after twenty-one years of business. The news was broken by Ben Leary, posted here in its entirety.

Headed to Consoles in Spring 2016

The Sword Coast Legends site has been updated with good news for console owners. Both XBox One and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get hands on the game in Spring 2016.

Five Things We’d Like to See from Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends (SCL) is one of those games that, if it grabs you, can keep you entertained for a good long while past what you might expect. It was greeted with a mostly rocky reception when it released (see Rob’s review for reference), and was critiqued for a number of items that have led n-Space and Digital Extremes to provide free DLC updates moving forward.

Community Pack 3 Delayed, News of Rage of Demons Revealed

The Sword Coast Legends site has been updated with both good and bad news (depending on your hopes) about both Community Pack 3 and the Rage of Demons expansion. Community Pack 3, promised in December 2015, is now delayed for an indeterminate amount of time to give the team time to complete the Rage of Demons expansion that will include WASD movement, a new adventure, new areas, placeable objects, new monsters, bosses, spells in addition to the Tiefling race and the Warlock class.

Try It for Free This Weekend on Steam

Fans of Wizards of the Coast and D&D who have yet to try out Sword Coast Legends can do so for free this weekend. SCL will be free to play beginning at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern on Thursday, December 17th and will run through December 22nd. During that same time frame, folks looking to purchase Sword Coast Legends can do so for $19.99.

You Can Now Impersonate Drizzt Do'Urden Thanks to New Update

Thanks to the arrival of the Sword Coast Legends Community Pack 2, players can now choose to impersonate D&D's iconic Drizzt Do'Urden now that the Drow are available as a sub-race. The update is now live and comes packed with so much goodness that it's simply better to let a video speak the thousand words.

Update Deployed - Placeables & Monster Abilities to Terrify

Sword Coast Legends players will want to check into game in order to download and install the newly-released Community Pack #1. Among several bug fixes and feature enhancements, players can look forward to over 150 new DM placeables, new companion-specific skill trees and 100 new monster abilities for DMs to torment their players with.

Soundtrack Available On iTunes

Digital Extremes and n-Space have announced that official soundtrack for Sword Coast Legends by award-winning composer Inon Zur is now available on iTunes for $9.99.

State of the Game Addresses Concerns, Announces Free DLC

n-Space President Dan Tudge has published a State of the Game letter on the Sword Coast Legends site that both addresses some of the most recent concerns raised by the community and announces the forthcoming release of several free DLC packages starting with a Halloween release later this week.

It's Not That Legendary

Last week N-Space and Digital Extremes launched Sword Coast Legends the top down RPG spiritual successor to the great Black Isle games of yesteryear. Read on for Rob’s impressions of the game and that genre in 2015.

Review in Progress

Earlier this week N Space and Digital Extremes launched their 5th Edition based Dungeons & Dragons cRPG Sword Coast Legends. Read on as Rob begins his review in progress and writes about character creation and the single player experience before jumping into playing as the Dungeon Master and the multiplayer experience next week.

Pouring Heart & Soul Into the Game

With Sword Coast Legends finally ready to embark on its final release journey, we managed to catch Dan Tudge, SCL Game Director, to chat about how the last month of game development has gone and much more.

Introducing the Cast of Characters – Part Two

Tomorrow marks the official launch of Sword Coast Legends, and today we’re happy to present to you the final four main characters you’ll be accompanied by on your journal through the main campaign. Read on to learn about Larathar, Jarhild, Izhkin, and Soronil!