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World of Tanks Modern Armor 10th Anniversary Bonus Item Sweepstakes - PlayStaion

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Wargaming and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 25 bonus item codes with in-game loot worth up to $50 to celebrate the MMO's 10-year anniversary.

Each Bonus code contains the following: 

  • Gold: 500
  • Shared Premium days: 14
  • Credits: 500,000
  • Content – each country has its national related tank per the list below:
    • US: Vengeance T25 Tank

This giveaway will run until February 15th at 12pm PT/3pm ET, at which time we'll draw the winners, who will be notified via email. 

World of Tanks is the first MMO of its kind, a team-based game of armored warfare with tanks of the World War Two era. Developed by one of the original sites for wargamers, Wargaming.net, WoT gives players the choice of over 150 tanks to fight with, and allows them to be upgraded according to role and play style. Virtual tank commanders can now guide their battlefield behemoths with and against other players to find out who is the greatest iron cowboy/girl.


  • Over 300 historical Tanks | Choose from historically accurate and detailed American, German, Soviet, Japanese, and French tanks.
  • Blended Gaming | WoT combines elements from Action, Strategy, Simulation, and MMORPGs into one exciting game!
  • Epic Tank Battles | Right from the start, engage in 15 vs 15 PvP tank combat.

Here are the winners in our World of Tanks Modern Armor 10th Anniversary Bonus Item Sweepstakes - PlayStaion

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 PS Code andrew_lee Yes
2 PS Code DeathDealer2 Yes
3 PS Code Deep-Six-6971 Yes
4 PS Code donbvonb Yes
5 PS Code Poeticsalt53134 Yes
6 PS Code Saurox Yes
7 PS Code UberSpartan117 Yes
8 PS Code udinback Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!