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V Rising Sinister Evolution Pack Giveaway!

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Stunlock Studios and MMORPG.com have teamed up to giveaway 30 copies of V Risings Sinister Evolution DLC pack to help budding Vampires on their survival journey. Enter to win here!

To celebrate the launch of its new Secrets of Gloomrot DLC, developer Stunlock Studios is giving away 30 copies of the survival game for players to jump into right away! You can read our thoughts on the new update here.

Prize Details:

  • Each winner will receive a Steam code for the Sinister Evolution DLC for V Rising. (Must own the full game to claim)
    • Each pack contains the following:
      • Plague Chemist’s Casket
      • Plague Chemist’s Throne
      • Plague Sanctum Gate
      • Inner Sanctum Wallpaper
      • Exterior Sanctum Wallpaper
      • Plague Sanctum Windows
      • Chemical Light Podium
      • Mounted Chemical Light
      • Plague Sanctum Tiles
      • Plague Sanctum Carpet
      • Plague Sanctum Steps
      • Plague Sanctum Stairwell
      • Plague Sanctum Ascent
      • Male Plague Chemist’s Dedication
      • Female Plague Chemist’s Dedication
      • Plague Chemist’s Experiment
      • Plague Chemist’s Prototype
      • Plague Chemist’s Thesis
      • Chemical Soaked Drape
      • Chemical Soaked Cloak
      • Chemical Soaked Regalia
      • Plague Chemist’s Saddle
      • Plague Doctor Mask

About V Rising:

Awaken as a vampire. Hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength and evade the scorching sun to survive. Raise your castle and thrive in an ever-changing open world full of mystery. Gain allies online and conquer the land of the living. First major expansion out now!

Here are the winners in our V Rising Sinister Evolution Pack Giveaway!

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 GameKey alexce Yes
2 GameKey Banegrivm Yes
3 GameKey bavlandi Yes
4 GameKey Betta Yes
5 GameKey caalem Yes
6 GameKey Celendra Yes
7 GameKey charlespayne Yes
8 GameKey cons49 Yes
9 GameKey GameboyMarc Yes
10 GameKey irisora1 Yes
11 GameKey jack17 Yes
12 GameKey johnn1113 Yes
13 GameKey kyough Yes
14 GameKey Lam3zor Yes
15 GameKey magar90 Yes
16 GameKey MaliMirko Yes
17 GameKey olepi Yes
18 GameKey pangjohnyfel Yes
19 GameKey Poeticsalt53134 Yes
20 GameKey RavahSoul Yes
21 GameKey RexxarTheViking Yes
22 GameKey saikokuma Yes
23 GameKey ShadyDeth Yes
24 GameKey shirru Yes
25 GameKey Soren478 Yes
26 GameKey surthrey Yes
27 GameKey theoccult Yes
28 GameKey VictoryWWW Yes
29 GameKey yunuscorce Yes
30 GameKey Zaioki Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!