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Swords of Legends Online Full Game Sweepstakes

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Gameforge has teamed up with MMORPG.com to giveaway 200 copies of their MMORPG Swords of Legends Online. These are full copies of the MMO, giving complete access to the game.

The giveaway is in conjunction with the biggest update to release to date, update 1.1 - The Forbidden Court, which brings with it more story, a new area, more PvP modes and so much more.

About Swords of Legends Online

Dazzling massively multiplayer online action role-playing game Swords of Legend Online explores an eons-long clash between the forces of light and darkness. Only those chosen by the legendary sword buried deep within them may unlock the powers necessary to banish the fog of evil, death, and destruction that threaten to consume this tempestuous world.

Key Features:

  • A Rich Saga to Unravel: With a legendary story that will capture the hearts of its players, Swords of Legends Online allows players to experience a journey unlike any other, through hours of fully-voiced cutscenes, an engaging, turbulent narrative, and memorable characters — all in an ancient Chinese setting. 
  • Expansive, Exquisite World to Explore: A vivid world is brought to life through gorgeous, highly detailed textures, environments, and characters pulled from the pages of Chinese legends and folklore. From historically accurate costumes to the flora and fauna of each diverse region, Swords of Legends presents a unique and highly interactive feast for the eyes.
  • Become the Ultimate Force Against Darkness: Players may choose from up to six initial playable classes — Reaper, Summoner, Bard, Spellsword, Berserker, and Spearmaster — each with their own unique playstyle, weapons, and unique zone and story. As characters grow, they can choose between two specializations per class in order to branch out towards powerful new skills that will aid them in their quest to vanquish the darkness.
  • From the Earth to the Heavens: Players can live and meet above the clouds on unique and customizable floating islands used for personal housing — the perfect resting and gathering space in between quests. Extraordinary varieties of flying mounts will become players’ faithful companions, allowing them to behold the world from a new perspective and visit each other in their own establishments.  
  • The End is Just the Beginning: Extensive and engaging endgame content lets players forge their own journeys. Through additional quests, multiplayer dungeons, 20-player raids, and a wide plethora of PvP modes, Swords of Legends Online invites players to push their skills to the limit to keep up with frequent content updates.

Prize value: Each code retails for $39.99 on Steam

Here are the winners in our Swords of Legends Online Full Game Sweepstakes

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 SOLO 8myers8 Yes
2 SOLO Advantus Yes
3 SOLO AgentRiot Yes
4 SOLO akamegakill Yes
5 SOLO Akulas Yes
6 SOLO Alerion09 Yes
7 SOLO alese45 Yes
8 SOLO alin1209 Yes
9 SOLO Angelika17 Yes
10 SOLO Aori Yes
11 SOLO arrows00 Yes
12 SOLO ashahell Yes
13 SOLO Ashujo Yes
14 SOLO Asurasek Yes
15 SOLO Axvel Yes
16 SOLO badutsulap Yes
17 SOLO Baler210 Yes
18 SOLO bamwalla Yes
19 SOLO Baturalp Yes
20 SOLO Bayushi1234 Yes
21 SOLO BC_Animus Yes
22 SOLO Beerninja Yes
23 SOLO Betta Yes
24 SOLO biysk Yes
25 SOLO blavkdan Yes
26 SOLO Bloodaxes Yes
27 SOLO blueturtle13 Yes
28 SOLO Bohun Yes
29 SOLO Bossxut Yes
30 SOLO BrotherMaynard Yes
31 SOLO changz Yes
32 SOLO charlespayne Yes
33 SOLO chaserx Yes
34 SOLO chronepis Yes
35 SOLO cld4der Yes
36 SOLO comay1 Yes
37 SOLO conankills Yes
38 SOLO CoR3y83 Yes
39 SOLO cvcardozo Yes
40 SOLO cybiqba Yes
41 SOLO DarkElfMaster62 Yes
42 SOLO DarkSynopsis Yes
43 SOLO darkysage Yes
44 SOLO Dattelis Yes
45 SOLO Davisx117 Yes
46 SOLO Dawgzilla Yes
47 SOLO Deathbo Yes
48 SOLO deatknight Yes
49 SOLO decease Yes
50 SOLO Denmark12 Yes
51 SOLO Derangedtaco29 Yes
52 SOLO devilmonkey87 Yes
53 SOLO Dexal Yes
54 SOLO Dhampir Yes
55 SOLO diogogomes21 Yes
56 SOLO dmaster1980 Yes
57 SOLO DocKermit Yes
58 SOLO Drunkmir Yes
59 SOLO ElSargento Yes
60 SOLO emreozgule Yes
61 SOLO erebustv Yes
62 SOLO Escape.Reality Yes
63 SOLO evilprey Yes
64 SOLO Falcomith Yes
65 SOLO FoushGX Yes
66 SOLO Fousseni Yes
67 SOLO frantheb Yes
68 SOLO frozenel Yes
69 SOLO FuryV Yes
70 SOLO G1SH Yes
71 SOLO gogago Yes
72 SOLO gokhangozlek23000 Yes
73 SOLO Grubbygrub Yes
74 SOLO gtcomp66 Yes
75 SOLO Hidra94 Yes
76 SOLO horgko Yes
77 SOLO HotIce69 Yes
78 SOLO IceAge Yes
79 SOLO idontlikemyname Yes
80 SOLO IIIKynd Yes
81 SOLO ilmarinen158 Yes
82 SOLO Intrick Yes
83 SOLO intunerikuss Yes
84 SOLO ironmlh Yes
85 SOLO Ironthorne Yes
86 SOLO istolethisname Yes
87 SOLO jacksonelfo Yes
88 SOLO jadafa Yes
89 SOLO jeney2 Yes
90 SOLO johnn1113 Yes
91 SOLO KamiYamabushi Yes
92 SOLO karraro Yes
93 SOLO keannu Yes
94 SOLO Keshin Yes
96 SOLO Kondrakin Yes
97 SOLO Kraxxin Yes
98 SOLO Krylos Yes
99 SOLO ksantos Yes
100 SOLO kulk21 Yes
101 SOLO kxvbwnq Yes
102 SOLO leaposte Yes
103 SOLO leobeserra Yes
104 SOLO ljhunter Yes
105 SOLO Lorde96 Yes
106 SOLO LordPyro Yes
107 SOLO Lorensoth Yes
108 SOLO Lumartist Yes
109 SOLO Lytec Yes
110 SOLO mandytre Yes
111 SOLO Marek12345678 Yes
112 SOLO Markoboi92 Yes
113 SOLO mave1 Yes
114 SOLO missankou Yes
115 SOLO MisterNumen Yes
116 SOLO Mistou Yes
117 SOLO mobius942 Yes
118 SOLO MomenFox Yes
119 SOLO Montoro Yes
120 SOLO morganwoop Yes
121 SOLO moshra Yes
122 SOLO mrwertyy Yes
123 SOLO nab66 Yes
124 SOLO narferius Yes
125 SOLO necrolock Yes
126 SOLO Nirimetus Yes
127 SOLO NJinX Yes
128 SOLO nomurah Yes
129 SOLO NotEvadingTaxFraud Yes
130 SOLO obarbeiro1 Yes
131 SOLO Oblivia Yes
132 SOLO OldManBiggs Yes
133 SOLO omakta Yes
134 SOLO omalley24 Yes
135 SOLO Omensix Yes
136 SOLO orionspecter Yes
137 SOLO P_L_A_T_T_Y Yes
138 SOLO paraple Yes
139 SOLO Perfectide Yes
140 SOLO peruqylo Yes
141 SOLO pifias2 Yes
142 SOLO polister1994 Yes
143 SOLO Popolio Yes
144 SOLO Porcelan Yes
145 SOLO Psycroat Yes
146 SOLO Quinnthalas Yes
147 SOLO rbprilly Yes
148 SOLO Restalaan Yes
149 SOLO rfiskjr Yes
150 SOLO riickyrj Yes
151 SOLO rosepetal870 Yes
152 SOLO ruimaa Yes
153 SOLO Ruyxxx Yes
154 SOLO RyonanGT Yes
155 SOLO Saurox Yes
156 SOLO Sepal76 Yes
157 SOLO Shinobe Yes
158 SOLO Shyazz Yes
159 SOLO SilasZaros Yes
160 SOLO Siniti Yes
161 SOLO somver Yes
162 SOLO SonofNeptune Yes
163 SOLO soulbladex14 Yes
164 SOLO spaztico Yes
165 SOLO spear94 Yes
166 SOLO spookit Yes
167 SOLO Stardust7x Yes
168 SOLO Streffix Yes
169 SOLO sumaisan Yes
170 SOLO SweBlackbird Yes
171 SOLO TaishiFox Yes
172 SOLO TakeoJustice Yes
173 SOLO TBAi Yes
174 SOLO Terrafin Yes
175 SOLO Tetsuruu Yes
176 SOLO theboy444 Yes
177 SOLO UberSpartan117 Yes
178 SOLO unwieldingpo Yes
179 SOLO Vallaqan Yes
180 SOLO VcKnight Yes
181 SOLO Vercin Yes
182 SOLO Viktor_Burns_66 Yes
183 SOLO Voldanir Yes
184 SOLO Vultrak Yes
185 SOLO Vyriani Yes
186 SOLO WBadger Yes
188 SOLO Wennid Yes
189 SOLO WhiteAngelPL Yes
190 SOLO WintersEdge Yes
191 SOLO Wraith0 Yes
192 SOLO Yanasa Yes
193 SOLO Yumichdog2 Yes
194 SOLO Zaphyr Yes
195 SOLO zaqza Yes
196 SOLO zeep12 Yes
197 SOLO Zekto Yes
198 SOLO Zenislav Yes
199 SOLO zerocount Yes
200 SOLO zigalucard Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!