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Supremacy 1 High Command Sweepstakes!

MMORPG.com Staff Updated: Posted:
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MMORPG.com has been given 20 codes for Supremacy 1: The Great War that will give players High Command (premium account status) for 1 month - values at $25.00!  We are going to give these out using a sweepstakes event where you can enter for a chance to win!

NOTE: This sweepstakes will run from August 30, 2020 @ 5PM EDT until September 6, 2020 @ 9PM EDT.  The more days you login to MMORPG.com during this event the better your odds of winning will be.

About Supremacy 1: The Great War

Supremacy 1: The Great War is a free-to-play game for browser and mobile platforms. In Supremacy 1 players become head of a mighty nation in precarious Europe after the turn of the century. They challenge other players to become the undisputed sovereign leader using smart diplomacy or brute force. Everyone’s strategic skills are put to test while fighting with diverse units on different terrain types and huge historic battlefields.

As a large-scale grand strategy game, Supremacy 1 pits up to 28 players against each other to fight for dominance in historical settings. The game features real-time combat, historically accurate maps, and realistic assets, and immerses players in a social space ripe with diplomacy, treachery, and comradery.

For more information about Supremacy 1: The Great War head to the official website at https://supremacy1.com 

Here are the winners in our Supremacy 1 High Command Sweepstakes!

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 Supremacy 1 Code 88Leader Yes
2 Supremacy 1 Code Adraunos Yes
3 Supremacy 1 Code AsmodeuX Yes
4 Supremacy 1 Code Branko2307 Yes
5 Supremacy 1 Code charlespayne Yes
6 Supremacy 1 Code DrunkWolf Yes
7 Supremacy 1 Code EldestElder28 Yes
8 Supremacy 1 Code iamspamicus Yes
9 Supremacy 1 Code IsilithTehroth Yes
10 Supremacy 1 Code Kochimaru Yes
11 Supremacy 1 Code Lytec Yes
12 Supremacy 1 Code miszczpz Yes
13 Supremacy 1 Code Mmorpgerius Yes
14 Supremacy 1 Code nab66 Yes
15 Supremacy 1 Code parkchaung Yes
16 Supremacy 1 Code Poeticsalt53134 Yes
17 Supremacy 1 Code Sepal76 Yes
18 Supremacy 1 Code Streffix Yes
19 Supremacy 1 Code Thijminecraft02 Yes
20 Supremacy 1 Code Vashupl Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!