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SMITE Skin/God Sweepstakes!

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MMORPG.com has been given a small amount of keys for SMITE that will give players all new skins (and the god if they don't have it). There are 60 codes in all to give away. Enter for a chance to win one of these prizes now!

This sweepstakes will run from September 28 @ 3PM EDT until September 30 @ 3PM EDT.

The following prizes are available to win:

  • (15) Harbinger Nike Skin
  • (15) Dark Summoner Nu Wa Skin
  • (15) Shogun Hachiman Skin
  • (15) Wild Druid Artio Skin


SMITE is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena from Hi-Rez Studios that allows players to choose from a selection of deity-inspired heroes. Instead of classic, RTS-style MOBA gameplay, SMITE features skill-based third-person combat with a feel more close to MMO PvP. Players can participate in session-based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other player-controlled heroes and non-player controlled minions.

For more information about SMITE or to play now click here!


Here are the winners in our SMITE Skin/God Sweepstakes!

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 Harbinger Nike cookieonfire Yes
2 Harbinger Nike Cougarboy Yes
3 Harbinger Nike DazaSenpai Yes
4 Harbinger Nike diosfenix13 Yes
5 Harbinger Nike DweardyDwight Yes
6 Harbinger Nike intellect2147 Yes
7 Harbinger Nike nobuyukias Yes
8 Harbinger Nike Pandabubbs Yes
9 Harbinger Nike RetroHour Yes
10 Harbinger Nike Shinobe Yes
11 Harbinger Nike tonio34 Yes
12 Harbinger Nike tostymzls Yes
13 Harbinger Nike Vashupl Yes
14 Harbinger Nike Werewolfsamurai Yes
15 Harbinger Nike Zantanas Yes
16 Dark Summoner Nu Wa Caseykins Yes
17 Dark Summoner Nu Wa DreamKnight1 Yes
18 Dark Summoner Nu Wa H4DR4 Yes
19 Dark Summoner Nu Wa hhtt96 Yes
20 Dark Summoner Nu Wa iphi99 Yes
21 Dark Summoner Nu Wa jwarlock Yes
22 Dark Summoner Nu Wa max_fint Yes
23 Dark Summoner Nu Wa Meehneah Yes
24 Dark Summoner Nu Wa monkeykingDAZ321123 Yes
25 Dark Summoner Nu Wa necrolock Yes
26 Dark Summoner Nu Wa ramilos Yes
27 Dark Summoner Nu Wa SacoTaco Yes
28 Dark Summoner Nu Wa Tankore93 Yes
29 Dark Summoner Nu Wa Vloxo Yes
30 Dark Summoner Nu Wa williansrock2016 Yes
31 Shogun Hachiman aliamin Yes
32 Shogun Hachiman ananit Yes
33 Shogun Hachiman cacilha321 Yes
34 Shogun Hachiman Cheekyfeeff Yes
35 Shogun Hachiman CroshKnight Yes
36 Shogun Hachiman Deathmodar Yes
37 Shogun Hachiman Derek_Chan_731 Yes
38 Shogun Hachiman EicheZentaur Yes
39 Shogun Hachiman ImC0D3X1 Yes
40 Shogun Hachiman ImCODEX Yes
41 Shogun Hachiman Lenox Yes
42 Shogun Hachiman MajoreZa Yes
43 Shogun Hachiman missankou Yes
44 Shogun Hachiman Spuma Yes
45 Shogun Hachiman uN_MaRsun Yes
46 Wild Druid Artio ecinev Yes
47 Wild Druid Artio Elminzter Yes
48 Wild Druid Artio fitato96 Yes
49 Wild Druid Artio GameSpiritGS Yes
50 Wild Druid Artio gobaw Yes
51 Wild Druid Artio holyson113 Yes
52 Wild Druid Artio illecebram Yes
53 Wild Druid Artio kertin Yes
54 Wild Druid Artio Kochimaru Yes
55 Wild Druid Artio Lee_Brk Yes
56 Wild Druid Artio Maitatron Yes
57 Wild Druid Artio Nabigator2 Yes
58 Wild Druid Artio sirquip Yes
59 Wild Druid Artio Thefoodbelly Yes
60 Wild Druid Artio WintersEdge Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!