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PWI Gift Key Sweepstakes!

PWI Gift Key Sweepstakes!

To help celebrate the 10th anniversary of PWI, has been given 200 special gift codes for Perfect World International on PC that will give players a ton of free in game items!  These items include the Ceberus Puppy, Auto Recovery Stone, Teleport Bell and so much more!  Enter for a chance to win now!

Below is a list of all the items in this special gift pack:

Cerberus Puppy

  • This best boy guards the Underworld with three times the adorableness.  Hatch its egg at the Pet Manager in any major city to add it to your collection.

10th Anniversary Gift Pack

  • A joyous bundle of goodies to celebrate PWI’s 10th year anniversary.  Contains:
    •  Auto Recovery Stone x1
      • Allows you to automatically use consumables such as potions when your health or mana drops to a certain amount.  Convenient for going on auto-pilot.
    •  Teleport Bell x1
      • Allows you to teleport to any teleport nodes in the world.
    •  Teleport Stone x10
      • Teleports you to a previously activated waypoint.
    •  EXP Scratchcard x3
      • Use to instantly obtain a random amount of EXP.
    •  Gold Scratchcard x3
      • Use to instantly obtain a random amount of Event Gold.  Event Gold can be used in the Boutique’s Event Store to purchase exclusive items.
    •  Perfect Devilslaying Insignia x1
      • A powerful insignia equipment, filled with a slayer’s determination.
    •  Legacy Mark x1
      • Grants you the ability to increase your EXP, Spirit, and Vitae gain for yourself and your party members.
    •  Glyph Pack LV3 x1
      • Contains a random LV3 Glyph.  Glyphs are equippable items that can alter and enhance your skill effects.
    •  Royal Butter Pancake x50
      • A hearty and delicious breakfast! Restores health.
    •  Royal Chestnut Cake x50
      • A tasty treat, perfect for on-the-go.  Restores health and mana.
    •  Arcane Legend Pill x5
      • Eat this to increase your Vitae by 2000.  You must be at least at Boundary: Arcane Sky I to use.  Leaves a lingering bittersweet aftertaste.
    •  Platoon Combat Potion x10
      • Increases your skill damage against monsters by 50% for up to 1 hour.
    •  Revival Pill x10
      • Use to resurrect to full health and mana with no EXP loss the next time you die.
    •  Emergency Potion x1
      • Increases your speed by 50% for up to 1 hour.
    • “Perfect 10 With” (your character name)
      • Exclusive character title

About Perfect World International

PWI is a thrilling free-to-play MMORPG featuring diverse gameplay and unparalleled character customization across six races and 12 distinct classes. Inhabitants of the pristine Perfect World must discover their place in a struggle for power, while uniting to battle the Wraith – undead creatures who seek to destroy everything the immortal god Pan Gu has created. Amidst a realm of stunningly rich environments, players can fly freely through the skies, explore dangerous dungeons and join intense PvP battles for power and land. PWI is available now to download the Arc platform. Learn more and play for free at


Terms and Conditions

  • This sweepstakes will run from October 14, 2018 @ 12:30AM EDT to  October 20, 2018 @ 9:00PM EDT.
  • Only one entry per household
  • Entrants found to be entering with multiple accounts will be disqualified and their accounts could be permanently banned.
  • These prizes have no monetary value.
  • Entrants can earn bonus tickets by logging into each day.  Only one login per calendar day will be counted based on the EST time zone.

Here are the winners in our PWI Gift Key Sweepstakes!!

  Prize Winner Confirmed
1 PWI Code 0nlik Yes
2 PWI Code AGGabriel Yes
3 PWI Code alexmelidal Yes
4 PWI Code amanaman Yes
5 PWI Code Anaconda77 Yes
6 PWI Code andrew_lee Yes
7 PWI Code AngelofDeath9 Yes
8 PWI Code Angusx51 Yes
9 PWI Code animeibo Yes
10 PWI Code APThug Yes
11 PWI Code Areteo Yes
12 PWI Code Argost Yes
13 PWI Code Armelbl Yes
14 PWI Code Babycake1337 Yes
15 PWI Code baitzashul Yes
16 PWI Code BarelyEinstein Yes
17 PWI Code BatuBT Yes
18 PWI Code beatoflife Yes
19 PWI Code Betta Yes
20 PWI Code bignasty9143 Yes
21 PWI Code BILLY998 Yes
22 PWI Code blueturtle13 Yes
23 PWI Code bobn24 Yes
24 PWI Code bonki8 Yes
25 PWI Code bretongaming Yes
26 PWI Code brindy Yes
27 PWI Code buffcubby Yes
28 PWI Code cansin1998 Yes
29 PWI Code captloki13 Yes
30 PWI Code charlespayne Yes
31 PWI Code clickzzz Yes
32 PWI Code CMKTRU Yes
33 PWI Code cool0400 Yes
34 PWI Code Corber Yes
35 PWI Code CroshKnight Yes
36 PWI Code Cutteryu Yes
37 PWI Code cvcardozo Yes
38 PWI Code Daicon1948 Yes
39 PWI Code darkkraip Yes
40 PWI Code Darkliar Yes
41 PWI Code Daz001 Yes
42 PWI Code DeathDealer2 Yes
43 PWI Code deathwand123 Yes
44 PWI Code deatrider Yes
45 PWI Code Debber452 Yes
46 PWI Code defeatee Yes
47 PWI Code Discord612 Yes
48 PWI Code divinitydlt Yes
49 PWI Code Drag0n Yes
50 PWI Code Dranthaar Yes
51 PWI Code DxBlueIce Yes
52 PWI Code ecinev Yes
53 PWI Code EldestElder28 Yes
54 PWI Code Enzeru Yes
55 PWI Code Evians Yes
57 PWI Code fatpanda Yes
58 PWI Code Fellintent Yes
59 PWI Code FeriMarko Yes
60 PWI Code firebrand Yes
61 PWI Code fl0wz Yes
62 PWI Code Foxsabre Yes
63 PWI Code g0insane Yes
64 PWI Code gaben4444 Yes
65 PWI Code Gabija30 Yes
66 PWI Code gamer9088 Yes
67 PWI Code Giselda Yes
68 PWI Code GlzDgnt Yes
69 PWI Code gokihan Yes
70 PWI Code GovMan1979 Yes
71 PWI Code haitje Yes
72 PWI Code HanzoShi Yes
73 PWI Code Hikio Yes
74 PWI Code Hyrius Yes
75 PWI Code iamspamicus Yes
76 PWI Code iaveris Yes
77 PWI Code IIIKynd Yes
78 PWI Code IjK01 Yes
79 PWI Code illuminary420 Yes
80 PWI Code inuyashafan18076 Yes
81 PWI Code Ironhand1022 Yes
82 PWI Code ishist Yes
83 PWI Code Jaex123 Yes
84 PWI Code jasconine Yes
85 PWI Code jeffnsteff2016 Yes
86 PWI Code Jindujun Yes
87 PWI Code johnblaze Yes
88 PWI Code Juger Yes
89 PWI Code junitalia Yes
90 PWI Code karolyd1974 Yes
91 PWI Code Katagiri Yes
92 PWI Code kidaque Yes
93 PWI Code Killzgor Yes
94 PWI Code Kordrion Yes
95 PWI Code kosaboy Yes
96 PWI Code kpuc313 Yes
97 PWI Code kratoc Yes
98 PWI Code Kraxxin Yes
99 PWI Code kronious Yes
100 PWI Code ksantos Yes
101 PWI Code kuaker Yes
102 PWI Code kujbi Yes
103 PWI Code KulutuesX Yes
104 PWI Code LazyHawk Yes
105 PWI Code LeJ3r3 Yes
106 PWI Code leoneljacob Yes
107 PWI Code Lililune Yes
108 PWI Code lxixzxa Yes
109 PWI Code Lytec Yes
110 PWI Code maelfic Yes
111 PWI Code mailgun Yes
112 PWI Code majan1 Yes
113 PWI Code Malathoos Yes
114 PWI Code martinesc01 Yes
115 PWI Code masteronde Yes
116 PWI Code MatzoneRO Yes
117 PWI Code mexius23 Yes
118 PWI Code michael72444 Yes
119 PWI Code milyen Yes
120 PWI Code MinerCote Yes
121 PWI Code Minfilia Yes
122 PWI Code Momekato Yes
123 PWI Code MugaiZM Yes
124 PWI Code MushinXin Yes
125 PWI Code Nastimus Yes
126 PWI Code Neptus Yes
127 PWI Code Noorac Yes
128 PWI Code norman728 Yes
129 PWI Code Numitor Yes
130 PWI Code OranSword Yes
131 PWI Code ozonex Yes
132 PWI Code pacov81 Yes
133 PWI Code PatrickDeath12 Yes
134 PWI Code pepejiujitsu Yes
135 PWI Code phoeniex Yes
136 PWI Code phoenixrjbr Yes
137 PWI Code PimpNasty Yes
138 PWI Code piticut Yes
139 PWI Code PixelAndrew Yes
140 PWI Code Poeticsalt53134 Yes
141 PWI Code pol85 Yes
142 PWI Code poppingoff Yes
143 PWI Code Psifour Yes
144 PWI Code PudgeMayCry Yes
145 PWI Code pupurun Yes
146 PWI Code Qzyro Yes
147 PWI Code RancidCannibal Yes
148 PWI Code raphaelord Yes
149 PWI Code razor19112k Yes
150 PWI Code rbprilly Yes
151 PWI Code Rhiow-Darkstep Yes
152 PWI Code RoyalValor Yes
153 PWI Code Sangrisa Yes
154 PWI Code Saurox Yes
155 PWI Code scyllafren Yes
156 PWI Code SensationDrive Yes
157 PWI Code shadowmandan Yes
158 PWI Code shane242 Yes
159 PWI Code shifanka Yes
160 PWI Code Shinobe Yes
161 PWI Code Shinraikan Yes
162 PWI Code sianster Yes
163 PWI Code SiegeMachine Yes
164 PWI Code SinfulGFX Yes
165 PWI Code sirvieche Yes
166 PWI Code Solancer Yes
167 PWI Code SonicJoker Yes
168 PWI Code stanhouse Yes
169 PWI Code stoiansl Yes
170 PWI Code SullieLore Yes
171 PWI Code Sun-fire Yes
172 PWI Code sunstorm91 Yes
173 PWI Code Supermans222 Yes
174 PWI Code SweBlackbird Yes
175 PWI Code synful Yes
176 PWI Code tedrion Yes
177 PWI Code TheEvilGuy Yes
178 PWI Code theoccult Yes
179 PWI Code Tivmmorpg1 Yes
180 PWI Code Tokken Yes
181 PWI Code tomek2626 Yes
182 PWI Code Tophet Yes
183 PWI Code User815 Yes
184 PWI Code Vallaqan Yes
185 PWI Code varlel Yes
186 PWI Code Virath Yes
187 PWI Code Vizzigman Yes
188 PWI Code Voldanir Yes
189 PWI Code Warste Yes
190 PWI Code WinterTalon97 Yes
191 PWI Code WISiGAMI Yes
192 PWI Code wizart13 Yes
193 PWI Code xmen121 Yes
194 PWI Code xRegulator34x Yes
195 PWI Code yasen76 Yes
196 PWI Code year3215 Yes
197 PWI Code Yoofaloof Yes
198 PWI Code yphanh2002 Yes
199 PWI Code zekonja1 Yes
200 PWI Code zerocount Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!