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Pax Dei Home Valley Alpha Test Code Sweepstakes

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Mainframe Industries, New Tales, and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 40 alpha codes to Pax Dei's first major alpha test, the Home Valley test, which starts November 14th and runs through the 27th. 

Pax Dei's Home Valley test is the first major public test for players to jump into the game world inspired by medieval Europe and take part in the sandbox MMO's "peaceful gameplay loop." The Home Valley test is centered on your Heartlands valley, where you'll work with other players to build your village, gather resources, craft and, if you're brave enough, kit yourself out and venture into the Wildlands to take on a few of the early dungeons.

For a deeper look, check out our hands-on impressions in our Pax Dei alpha preview.

While combat is not the focus of this test, it's there if you want to seek it out. But note that PvP is disabled, though PvPers shouldn't be dismayed as it will be a pivotal part of the MMO's long-term plans.

We're running a small sweepstakes to give our readers forty (40) codes for access. This code gives you access to the currently ongoing alpha from now through the 27th, where you can test and talk freely about the experience, thanks to there being no NDA. 

The sweepstakes will run from today through the 16th where we will draw the winners at random and email the codes to your associated MMORPG.com account email. Good luck!

Here are the winners in our Pax Dei Home Valley Alpha Test Code Sweepstakes

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 Pax Dei alien8 Yes
2 Pax Dei Alpius Yes
3 Pax Dei anaosis Yes
4 Pax Dei Andesons Yes
5 Pax Dei aslan132 Yes
6 Pax Dei AsmodeuX Yes
7 Pax Dei Blasted489 Yes
8 Pax Dei Dattelis Yes
9 Pax Dei Drayloc23 Yes
10 Pax Dei gbickfordjr Yes
11 Pax Dei Gemski Yes
12 Pax Dei Gentrifried_Chicken Yes
13 Pax Dei Germzypie Yes
14 Pax Dei Gidra777 Yes
15 Pax Dei Havenlord Yes
16 Pax Dei jolevar Yes
17 Pax Dei konga70 Yes
18 Pax Dei Kraxxin Yes
19 Pax Dei marcusorion Yes
20 Pax Dei MaxBacon Yes
21 Pax Dei Nashotix Yes
22 Pax Dei Nokerri Yes
23 Pax Dei NoxiousBass Yes
24 Pax Dei ooazraeloo Yes
25 Pax Dei padik32 Yes
26 Pax Dei peraspera83 Yes
27 Pax Dei pipa Yes
28 Pax Dei Raagnarz Yes
29 Pax Dei Raxeon Yes
30 Pax Dei RockyRockets Yes
31 Pax Dei SirGrady Yes
32 Pax Dei SKTLZ Yes
33 Pax Dei suny4t44 Yes
34 Pax Dei Tinerion Yes
35 Pax Dei Tokken Yes
36 Pax Dei Truvidienn Yes
37 Pax Dei Warmenand Yes
38 Pax Dei waveslayer Yes
39 Pax Dei Yozzer83 Yes
40 Pax Dei Zealousadonis Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!