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Neverwinter Jewel Of The North Sweepstakes

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Cryptic Studios has teamed up with MMORPG.com to giveaway Neverwinter gear to one lucky winner. In addition, readers can enter the chance to win some in-game loot to help along your journey in the new Neverwinter Module.

This sweepstakes offers rewards that would benefit both new and current players. The Gold prize winner will not only receive a new mount, companion as well as VIP access, but a physical gift pack to celebrate the Jewel of the North module and the new Bard class.

Here are the prizes in full:

Gold Prize (for 1 winner) 

  • 1 Neverwinter “Swashbuckling Bard Treasure Chest” 

    • Includes the following Neverwinter-branded physical items:  

      • Moscow Mule Mug 

      • Drink Coasters 

      • Guitar Pick 

  • 1 Neverwinter Winterwolf Pack Key 

    • Grants the following items: 

      • Winterwolf (Mount) 

      • Winterwolf (Companion) 

      • 30 Days of Free VIP Access 


Silver Prize (for 25 winners)  

  • 1 Overgrown Cape Pack Key 

    • Grants the following items: 

      • Overgrown Cape 

    • Stone of Health 

    • 5x Scroll of Mass Life 

    • 5x Reward Reroll Token 

    • Injury Kit 

  • 1 Neverwinter-branded Guitar Pick 


Bronze Prize (for 250 winners) 

  • 1 Adventurer's Support Pack Key (a great starter pack for players!) 

    • Grants the following items: 

      • Stone of Health 

      • Bag of Holding 

      • Adventurer’s XP Booster 

      • 10x Scroll of Life  

      • 10x Teleport Scroll – Protector’s Enclave  

      • 25x Divine Injury Kit  

      • 25x Standard Dungeon Chest Key  

      • 150x Greater Scroll of Identification

Here are the winners in our Neverwinter Jewel Of The North Sweepstakes

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 Bronze Prize Acidon Yes
2 Bronze Prize Afrikanac Yes
3 Bronze Prize akiira69 Yes
4 Bronze Prize Anaconda77 Yes
5 Bronze Prize andrew_lee Yes
6 Bronze Prize angrund0n Yes
7 Bronze Prize ascordo3 Yes
8 Bronze Prize barasawa Yes
9 Bronze Prize Bauste Yes
10 Bronze Prize Betta Yes
11 Bronze Prize bloodsin1 Yes
12 Bronze Prize boggis Yes
13 Silver Prize charlespayne Yes
14 Silver Prize chronepis Yes
15 Silver Prize ciupaga Yes
16 Silver Prize cobaltshadow Yes
17 Bronze Prize Crappyfeetses Yes
18 Bronze Prize dalkanar595 Yes
19 Silver Prize DanZava Yes
20 Bronze Prize Deathbo Yes
21 Silver Prize derkesthai Yes
22 Bronze Prize ditavonteese Yes
23 Silver Prize doommystic101 Yes
24 Bronze Prize falter223 Yes
25 Bronze Prize fenixz Yes
26 Silver Prize FeralLoki Yes
27 Bronze Prize fl0wz Yes
28 Bronze Prize foppotee Yes
29 Bronze Prize galacticlore Yes
30 Bronze Prize garylian Yes
31 Bronze Prize harriaal Yes
32 Silver Prize hayes303 Yes
33 Bronze Prize Heatwave74 Yes
34 Silver Prize Herites Yes
35 Bronze Prize highlanderhcs Yes
36 Silver Prize iaveris Yes
37 Bronze Prize IIIKynd Yes
38 Bronze Prize inmysights Yes
39 Bronze Prize Jadowyn Yes
40 Bronze Prize JayPUncensored Yes
41 Bronze Prize jerx66 Yes
42 Bronze Prize Khain123 Yes
43 Bronze Prize knott123 Yes
44 Silver Prize Kratier Yes
45 Silver Prize Kullus Yes
46 Bronze Prize Kyarra Yes
47 Silver Prize LordRaclyn Yes
48 Bronze Prize Lytec Yes
49 Silver Prize marcjt20 Yes
50 Bronze Prize mechno Yes
51 Bronze Prize Merzhinhudour Yes
52 Bronze Prize metamer Yes
53 Silver Prize mGFX Yes
54 Bronze Prize Milander Yes
55 Bronze Prize mitsukiqc Yes
56 Gold Prize nab66 Yes
57 Bronze Prize Nemessis1545 Yes
58 Bronze Prize psion005 Yes
59 Silver Prize renwood44 Yes
60 Bronze Prize Riled Yes
61 Bronze Prize ryuaysu Yes
62 Bronze Prize Ryukan Yes
63 Bronze Prize Sal1 Yes
64 Bronze Prize SatanHimself Yes
65 Silver Prize Saurox Yes
66 Silver Prize Shivra79 Yes
67 Silver Prize Solatar Yes
68 Silver Prize Spinalcore Yes
69 Silver Prize SweBlackbird Yes
70 Silver Prize Tabion Yes
71 Bronze Prize TBAi Yes
72 Bronze Prize tonlar Yes
73 Bronze Prize UberSpartan117 Yes
74 Silver Prize Valdartak Yes
75 Silver Prize Valdin Yes
76 Bronze Prize WBadger Yes
77 Bronze Prize yphanh2002 Yes
78 Bronze Prize Zekaryah Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!