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MMORPG.com Holiday Sweepstakes Event!

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MMORPG.com is proud to announce our holiday sweepstakes for 2017.  We are giving away (3) GameVice iPhone game controllers, (15) Gem Packs for Tactical Monsters on Android, (25) Season Passes for ARK to unlock DLC, (10) Steam keys for 8-Bit Adventure Anthology, (20) Steam keys for Citadel: Forged with Fire and (40) Steam keys for Valnir Rok! Enter this sweeps now for a chance to win one of these great prizes!

NOTE: The GameVice prizes are only available to residents of the United States, Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Spain.

About the Gamevice Controller

Gamevice connects directly to your smart device's charging port. No need to pair or charge and every button press counts.

Play your favorite console titles with Gamevice and raise your mobile gaming to the next level!

For more information on GameVice check out the official website now!

About Tactical Monsters

Experience the rush of 3-5 minute strategy battles in the world of Tactical Monsters comprised of monsters from all corners of the world. Whether you are competitive in real life or virtual reality, this is the ultimate competition game for you!

This is a turn-based, hex grid tactics gameplay with monsters from all time and space. From Franky the Frankenstein, to fantasy monsters like Medusa and Griffin, to culturally established creatures like WuKong and the Mummy, to monsters you’ve never seen before such as Bigfoot and Nobu the ghost samurai. Each monster have their own unique background and jobs. Each monsters have unique skills such as magic skills, physical skills, or even world-ending skills like the nuclear warhead from Dr. Walter’s Mecha Machine.

For more information about Tactical Monsters check them out on Google Play!

About Citadel: Forged With Fire

Citadel: Forged With Fire is a massive online sandbox RPG with elements of magic, spellcasting and inter-kingdom conflict. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to investigate the dangerous world of Ignus. Your goal: create a name for yourself and achieve notoriety and power among the land’s ruling Houses. 

You have complete freedom to pursue your own destiny; hatch plots of trickery and deceit to ascend the ranks among allies and enemies, become an infamous hunter of other players, build massive and unique castles, tame mighty beasts to do your bidding, and visit uncharted territories to unravel their rich and intriguing history. The path to ultimate power and influence is yours to choose.

For more information about Citadel: Forged With Fire check out their Steam page now!

About 8-Bit Adventure Anthology

The 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One) includes these classic games:

Shadowgate: The wind whistles through the silent halls as you step through the stone threshold. You’ve just entered Shadowgate, a once shining castle, now an evil, dark smoldering ruin. Swallow your fear and take up your torch. You are the ‘Seed of Prophecy’ and in your hands lies the fate of the world itself.

The Uninvited: The last thing you remember was a figure appearing in the middle of the road and the sound of your sister’s screams over the screeching tires. When you come to, you discover two horrifying things: your sister is missing and the mansion that now looms before you seems to be calling your name…

Déjà Vu: It’s 1942 and you wake up in a seedy bathroom with no idea how you got here or, for that matter, who you are. You grab a .38 hanging on the door, stumble up the stairs and find some stiff slumped over a desk with three bullet holes in him. You check your gun. Three bullets are missing. This is gonna be a bad day.

Whether you’re looking forward to replaying these point-and-click adventure classics or experiencing them for the first time, now’s your chance!

You can check out 8-Bit Adventure Anthology on their Steam page for more info!



Here are the winners in our MMORPG.com Holiday Sweepstakes Event!

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass ]xtc[ Yes
2 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass AnDjinn Yes
3 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass aprestad Yes
4 Tactical Monsters AreWeLive Yes
5 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Arjopa2011 Yes
6 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass BabsJohnson Yes
7 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Balefire Yes
8 Tactical Monsters Budwick Yes
9 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass cathireadla Yes
10 Tactical Monsters cavin75 Yes
11 Tactical Monsters darkboaz Yes
12 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass ddkasimir Yes
13 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Derteh Yes
14 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass DWall10 Yes
15 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass esspresso Yes
16 Tactical Monsters Gexy Yes
17 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass gfueh Yes
18 GameVice For iPhone govi333 Yes
19 GameVice For iPhone Intentionss Yes
20 Tactical Monsters Jadowyn Yes
21 Tactical Monsters kronious Yes
22 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass mailiux Yes
23 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass MajoreZa Yes
24 Tactical Monsters mklinic Yes
25 Tactical Monsters Narvir Yes
26 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass ninjaoscuros Yes
27 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass phantomghost Yes
28 Tactical Monsters pisicmic Yes
29 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Qipy Yes
30 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass renky77 Yes
31 Tactical Monsters SCJLP4 Yes
32 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Shadowen63 Yes
33 Tactical Monsters Shaihuby Yes
34 Tactical Monsters skelden Yes
35 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass slakter Yes
36 Tactical Monsters Stryker82nd Yes
37 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass t3hNewbz0r Yes
38 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass tiller32 Yes
39 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Tinchisx Yes
40 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass Trinkuniokas Yes
41 GameVice For iPhone ZacharyWindblade Yes
42 ARK - Survival Evolved - Season Pass zakkz Yes
43 Tactical Monsters ZOMBBEAT Yes
44 8 Bit Adventure Anthology B0z0n Yes
45 8 Bit Adventure Anthology CRAZYCAN00K Yes
46 8 Bit Adventure Anthology Darkliar Yes
47 8 Bit Adventure Anthology darkvesp Yes
48 8 Bit Adventure Anthology hayes303 Yes
49 8 Bit Adventure Anthology JayFiveAlive Yes
50 8 Bit Adventure Anthology sadsed Yes
51 8 Bit Adventure Anthology tannim78 Yes
52 8 Bit Adventure Anthology theclapxxx Yes
53 8 Bit Adventure Anthology voltaz12 Yes
54 Citadel - Forged with Fire brandedwolf Yes
55 Citadel - Forged with Fire Breadboyii Yes
56 Citadel - Forged with Fire Celendra Yes
57 Citadel - Forged with Fire conctempbestton Yes
58 Citadel - Forged with Fire Dr.McCokner Yes
59 Citadel - Forged with Fire johnblaze Yes
60 Citadel - Forged with Fire kotek580 Yes
61 Citadel - Forged with Fire l3igl3eaver Yes
62 Citadel - Forged with Fire Liljna Yes
63 Citadel - Forged with Fire LordOmegaOne Yes
64 Citadel - Forged with Fire lostpander Yes
65 Citadel - Forged with Fire Mawnee Yes
66 Citadel - Forged with Fire McFresh Yes
67 Citadel - Forged with Fire Morkor Yes
68 Citadel - Forged with Fire mrsiret Yes
69 Citadel - Forged with Fire niknais Yes
70 Citadel - Forged with Fire nipper4369 Yes
71 Citadel - Forged with Fire Omikrons Yes
72 Citadel - Forged with Fire sdbuddha Yes
73 Citadel - Forged with Fire swilson124 Yes
74 Valnir Rok Aynari Yes
75 Valnir Rok BenortheLionheart Yes
76 Valnir Rok Calas Yes
77 Valnir Rok can55100 Yes
78 Valnir Rok Carmatd Yes
79 Valnir Rok Celenus Yes
80 Valnir Rok Chuy505 Yes
81 Valnir Rok Cicko Yes
82 Valnir Rok dianenired Yes
83 Valnir Rok EViolet Yes
84 Valnir Rok Gungorr Yes
85 Valnir Rok HanzoShi Yes
86 Valnir Rok Herekon Yes
87 Valnir Rok honken_moon Yes
88 Valnir Rok Ieliar Yes
89 Valnir Rok Ilaya Yes
90 Valnir Rok J3azz Yes
91 Valnir Rok Johny8x Yes
92 Valnir Rok Kasreyn Yes
93 Valnir Rok Kitsunami Yes
94 Valnir Rok Kochimaru Yes
95 Valnir Rok magcloud15 Yes
96 Valnir Rok malikhigh1978 Yes
97 Valnir Rok MomenFox Yes
98 Valnir Rok MykelMark Yes
99 Valnir Rok NotAwim Yes
100 Valnir Rok Olemagi Yes
101 Valnir Rok polki Yes
102 Valnir Rok pyxat Yes
103 Valnir Rok saker Yes
104 Valnir Rok SammyNinja Yes
105 Valnir Rok SirBongsAlot Yes
106 Valnir Rok Skerlyn Yes
107 Valnir Rok SOULUNIT Yes
108 Valnir Rok teatarte Yes
109 Valnir Rok thebluehero Yes
110 Valnir Rok TheGladex Yes
111 Valnir Rok TimeAndMonster Yes
112 Valnir Rok voltt Yes
113 Valnir Rok WaNi Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!