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MapleStory Pathfinder DLC Sweepstakes!

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MMORPG.com has been given 50 codes for MapleStory to celebrate the launch of the Pathfinder DLC that will give players tons of cool stuff in game and a total value of $25.00!  These codes can be redeemed on any non-reboot world. Enter for a chance to win one now!

NOTE: This sweepstakes will run from June 26 @ 12:00PM EDT until July 1 @ 9:00PM EDT.  As with all sweepstakes at MMORPG.com - the more days you login to the site during this event the better your odds of winning!

Below is what winners will get in this DLC pack:

Hyper Teleport Rock (30-day duration)

Activate this mysterious, shiny stone to teleport to most locations in the World Map. You can also teleport to a specific player's location, to better link up with your buddies. Bookmark your favorite locations to teleport with the click of a button! You will be able to use this item for 30 days.

1-day 2x EXP Special Coupon (1-day duration)

Double-click this coupon to receive a 2x EXP buff that lasts for 1 day. During this time, you will earn twice as much EXP through your adventures so that you can level up faster!

1-day 2x Drop Special Coupon (1-day duration)

Double-click this coupon to receive a 2x drop rate buff that lasts for 1 day. During this time, you will earn twice as many items and mesos from hunting monsters!

Unique Meso Sack (90-day duration)

Mesos are the in-game currency in MapleStory, and can be used to buy potions and other helpful items from NPCs in-game. Open this Unique Meso Sack to receive 6,000,000 or more mesos, with a small chance to get up to 750,000,000 mesos! Make sure to open your meso sack soon, as it will expire in 90 days.

Kino (90-day duration)

Adopt this cute little orange mushroom, and you’ll have a companion for three whole months. Feed your pet to improve your relationship and unlock special commands. This little mushroom has some skills! As you explore Maple World, it will help you by picking up items and mesos you find. You can also purchase special equipment from the Cash Shop to upgrade your pet's abilities.

Permanent Code of Hammurabi Chair Coupon (14-day duration coupon)

Double-click this coupon to receive a Permanent Code of Hammurabi Chair. Recover 50 MP and 50 HP every 10 seconds while sitting in this chair.

About MapleStory


First released in North America in May 2005, MapleStory became one of the largest and most active free-to-play, side-scrolling MMORPGs in the world. With over 13 million registered players from its Global services alone(there are total seven MapleStory services around the world), the game continues to grow and evolve alongside its passionate community since launching over 13 years. There have been over 274 million characters created to date, which would make MapleStory the 4th highest populated country in the world.

To learn more about MapleStory, please visit http://maplestory.nexon.net


Here are the winners in our MapleStory Pathfinder DLC Sweepstakes!

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 MapleStory DLC 7SilentNights Yes
2 MapleStory DLC 88Leader Yes
3 MapleStory DLC AngelofDeath9 Yes
4 MapleStory DLC aslan132 Yes
5 MapleStory DLC AsmodeuX Yes
6 MapleStory DLC Bildegard Yes
7 MapleStory DLC Boltonsquad Yes
8 MapleStory DLC clickzzz Yes
9 MapleStory DLC danny7766 Yes
10 MapleStory DLC Deathbo Yes
11 MapleStory DLC DormakBG33 Yes
12 MapleStory DLC ecinev Yes
13 MapleStory DLC evilryu64 Yes
14 MapleStory DLC firebrand Yes
15 MapleStory DLC Fuffenstein Yes
16 MapleStory DLC Gabija30 Yes
17 MapleStory DLC Grunt350 Yes
18 MapleStory DLC iaveris Yes
19 MapleStory DLC idontlikemyname Yes
20 MapleStory DLC IIIKynd Yes
21 MapleStory DLC johnblaze Yes
22 MapleStory DLC Khain123 Yes
23 MapleStory DLC Kwickf Yes
24 MapleStory DLC Lililune Yes
25 MapleStory DLC linkiz1 Yes
26 MapleStory DLC lonbo0 Yes
27 MapleStory DLC LoriPLS Yes
28 MapleStory DLC mojozip Yes
29 MapleStory DLC Momekato Yes
30 MapleStory DLC MrSoulPants Yes
31 MapleStory DLC ocus Yes
32 MapleStory DLC pol85 Yes
33 MapleStory DLC raphaelord Yes
34 MapleStory DLC ReynaV Yes
35 MapleStory DLC Saulios Yes
36 MapleStory DLC Sernyte Yes
37 MapleStory DLC seven101 Yes
38 MapleStory DLC Sheyn24 Yes
39 MapleStory DLC SigmaEX Yes
40 MapleStory DLC Thane Yes
41 MapleStory DLC tonlar Yes
42 MapleStory DLC tostymzls Yes
43 MapleStory DLC unclepelom Yes
44 MapleStory DLC valdan18 Yes
45 MapleStory DLC wasavees Yes
46 MapleStory DLC WBadger Yes
47 MapleStory DLC wjj9222 Yes
48 MapleStory DLC xKuroganex Yes
49 MapleStory DLC XVR1212 Yes
50 MapleStory DLC zigalucard Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!