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Retro MMO Survived By Shutting Down on April 19th

Development on Survived By has ended effective yesterday with game servers shutting down for good on April 19th. In the brief note on the official site, developers acknowledge their love of the core idea, but feel that it has not made adequate progress since inception and that it "won't be able to reach the vision we originally conceived". Players who have made any real money purchases will receive "full automatic refunds" in the coming weeks.

Closed Beta Kicks Off with Raid Dungeons & a New Monthly Event

Digital Extremes has announced that Survived By, its free to play bullet hell MMO, has entered closed beta testing. The CBT comes with 10-player Raids and Hard mode dungeons as well as with its first-ever monthly event. Developers have also included an updated UI and graphics, both in response to player feedback from earlier testing phases.