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    Hero Engine
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    Chaos Interactive
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    Q1 2016
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Sudden Crisis Overview

Sudden Crisis is a sandbox MMO that allows you to freely travel the galaxy without stargates dictating your movement. You will start your journey with a small fighter craft and some money, starting to work your way towards bigger ships, wealth and influence over other players. It is completely up to you how you will achieve this: Through diplomacy, intelligence, military strength or economical power. Have an impact on thousands of other players in a seamless single shard universe. Write your own story, forge a great empire or cause the next Sudden Crisis.

The game will be completely player driven. The economy, politics and even the infrastructure is in the hand of the the users. You are unbound from preset paths and there will no linear progression the player has to go through, instead choose how you wish to evolve your character through traits, skills and levels. You can earn money and increase your character level by crafting and trading goods between the many sectors of the galaxy and its stations, by hunting pirates and collecting their loot and bounty or by fighting other players for their equipment and cargo.

  • Sandbox MMO | player-driven infrastructure, politics, and economy
  • full loot pvp | A cold and brutal sci-fi environment driven by the spoils of war
  • A single universe | No sharding, no instances, no loading screens, and no gates
  • Modular ship system | create unique ship configurations and designs
  • Innovative hybrid system | hundreds of time-based skills and levels.
  • No Pay-to-Win! | All purchases are vanity items, such as skins and cosmetic models
Renamed 'Sudden Crisis'

In an apparent nod to ongoing threats of litigation, the Seldon Crisis game, said to be loosely based around the works of Isaac Asminov, has been rebranded "Sudden Crisis". As part of the rebranding effort, the Indiegogo project has been updated (thanks, Vrika!) to reflect the new name. According to the Sudden Crisis Facebook page, the game is largely the same, but with a new name.

Indiegogo Initiative Begins

Sci-fi sandbox, Seldon Crisis, has entered an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to develop the game. According to the initiative page, the game is a player driven sandbox experience with free exploration and a political system run by players.

KickStarter Campaign Begins for Asminov-Inspired Sci-Fi MMO

Chaos Interactive has announced that the 250,000 GBP KickStarter campaign for Seldon Crisis has begun. Seldon Crisis is described as a sci-fi themed, sandbox MMO with a story penned by novelist Riccardo Simone, a fan of Isaac Asminov. Chaos Interactive has thirty days to raise the needed capital to fund the project.