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Master of Shadows, But Jack of Everything Else

Styx: Master of Shadows is the brand new Stealth RPG from Cyanide Studios set in the same world as 2012’s Of Orcs and Men, though taking place long before the story of that game. You play the titular role of Styx, an expert goblin thief as he tries to break into the deepest parts of the heavily guarded human tower of Akenash and steal the heart of the World-Tree. Styx is definitely a master of stealth, but is the rest of the game up to such lofty titles? Read on for our full review.

Launch Trailer

Pre-Order on Steam and get 20% off: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242640 On October 7, embrace the shadows, reveal your past on PS4, Xbox One and PC! Site: http://www.styx-thegame.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StyxGame Twitter: https://twitter.com/FocusHome Devblog: http://devblog.styx-thegame.com/ Ready to pounce come October 7, the launch trailer for Styx: Master of Shadows – your new infiltration game from Cyanide Studio - releases today! Meet our short and nimble prota

Assassin's Green 2

Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game from Cyanide Studios, is a challenging and subtle blend of stealth, exploration and assassination, with many opportunities to use the environment to subdue your enemies, or simply pass them by unnoticed, above, or below them. Coming October 7

The Making of with Game Play

Styx: Master of Shadows, the infiltration game from Cyanide that will be available for download on October 7 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, today invites us behind the scenes in a new video! Commented by Julien Desourteaux (Game Director & Level Designer), Guillaume Blanchard (Project Manager) et Mathias Chataignier (Game Designer) from Cyanide Studio, this 5 minutes video lets us learn more about the game, its mechanics, its level design, as well as the intentions of the developers when they desig

Die Harder

Styx: Master of Shadows, is a challenging, skill-based infiltration game from Cyanide Studio that rewards player skill, timing, and lateral path finding, coming October. Clambering up into the rafters and dispatching enemies in some of the many ways previously seen goes only some way to keeping Styx alive, the rest is up to you. In this video, we fail at doing that.

Assassin's Green Trailer

This October, embrace the shadows, reveal your past! Today's video is the first of a series of gameplay trailers we will be releasing over the coming weeks until the release of the game. It illustrates some of the Goblin's skills, as he uses his stealth, weaponry, bold moves and smart use of the environment to get rid of the tower's denizens. Skill is richly rewarded in Styx: Master of Shadows, with the most skilled of players able to swing organically from level to level, path to path, u

Who Doesn't Want to Play a Goblin?

One of the best things about going to game conventions is seeing games that really surprise you. For the second time in a row Styx, Master of Shadows has done just that. If you are a fan of stealth style RPGs where charging in is not recommended, then you will love Styx. The goblin that hides, poisons water by puking, and cuts foes down with leaping death from the rafters has shown us two solid demos now. We can only wait until the game launches later this year.